Running Errands in Cody

Vicki doesn’t have a toad, so our Saturday plans involved running errands so she could get some work clothes and groceries, as well as getting an idea for the layout of the town and finding something good for lunch! We didn’t head out until about 11:00 since it was bitter cold out and it took a bit of motivation to get us out the door. That and my having to take some things out of the truck so there could be room for a passenger and her shopping bags!

We started off at a used clothing store a few blocks from her campground. It was having a 50% off sale so we were very motivated to shop! 😀 I picked up a few pieces to replace tops that are worn, a nice pair of jeans, and… a Yucatán-style dress. Seriously. It’s turquoise and has embroidery at the yoke. I priced dresses like that one while I was in Mérida and they were around 500MXN (probably the Gringa price). I bought mine for 2.50USD. Too funny.

For lunch, Vicki was interested in trying an Italian restaurant, but they were closed. She likes “Mexican” food and I’m always up for good Tex-Mex, so we ended up at Zapata’s. The meal started off well with a really good salsa that had some kick to it. Vicki had a cup of tortilla soup that she said was quite good, but much thicker than expected (more like a stew), along with pork in salsa verde, which was yummy and very heavy on the cumin (definitely a north of the border salsa verde since cumin is generally not used in genuine Mexican cuisine). My favourite Tex-Mex dish is fajitas, so I splurged on that, going with chicken, and the meal did not disappoint! The marinade on the meat and veggies was quite “limey,” and I got rice, beans, sour cream, and guac too. We both elected to go with corn tortillas and I was pleasantly surprised that they were as good as any I’d get in Mexico, very soft and slightly charred. Not an inexpensive meal, but worth every penny. I think Vicki will be going back. 🙂

Cody is quite a small town, with most of what there is to see being along the main drag (Sheridan). So we saw quite a bit as we drove across town to Walmart. I’ll be doing the main museum here on my own one day while she’s at work.

By the time we got in from getting the groceries, it was already going on four. We were frozen solid and glad to be back in her cosy rig. We didn’t need any dinner after the lunch we had, so we just hung out and caught up, then had an early night since she had to be up very early this morning.

I’m now enjoying a lazy morning and will eventually get up to do some work. Maybe. I might choose to just read all day. 🙂

Thankfully, the weather is going to improve every day and by the time Vicki’s day off comes along, we should be able to go exploring without needing a million layers.

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  1. 😀
    A very good lunch & super day for shopping.
    Thanks for the lift.

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