Racing Deadlines


I’ve just completed two huge days for my non-transcription client (my uncle’s company). I haven’t had much work from them this year, partly because I haven’t been available, but also because I do relief work for my mother and she’s always caught in a catch-22 where when she needs me, she’s too busy to have time to put jobs together for me.

I suspected, correctly, that I might get some work from them at the end of this year because that’s when one of their clients updates its forms. I’ve had a few small jobs in the past week from other clients of theirs, but this week the big(gish) one landed, with just a couple of days to complete. It was one of those ‘work till it’s done’ type of jobs with a very tight deadline.

This is the kind of work I love as it’s creative, methodical, and logical. I can lose myself in it for hours. It is frustrating that I have to work in a Windows environment, but that’s my only quibble.

Today, I had to get the proofs out. Exceptionally, I was put in direct contact with the client, so I got to see the feedback for my work firsthand. Only four modifications to make, two of which were changes on their part rather than errors. It was very gratifying!

I might have one more big day on this job because we’re waiting for the final approvals. What a perfect week for this job since the transcription work I was expecting didn’t come in!

As for transcription, my big law enforcement client and I have agreed to go our separate ways. We were not a good fit for each other. I’ll miss the income, but not the ulcers I was starting to get from all the unprofessional emails I was receiving.

Anyway, there are other things in the pipeline. A good paying contract with a US state to do their legislative hearings is starting again at the beginning of the January and will take me through the winter. Also, another client is trying to increase the rates her clients pay her so she can give me a raise, which would convince me to agree to a set minimum of work from her per week. I’m normally leery of promising availability like that because I’ve been burned in the past with the work not showing up and being short in my budget, but this client comes through 99% of the time. This week is an exception and I know it’s because of the holiday season.

Time for supper, then I have to clean up the kitchen, then I have to get a small transcription job out. I feel blessed that I’m not lacking for projects!