Pitaya Surprise

I went into the garden this morning to get one Puppy’s toys, when I was stopped dead in my track by something pink hanging from one of my cacti:

Yes, that’s a pitaya/dragonfruit!!!

I did some research and determined that it was ripe for picking!

So pretty! I was surprised by the hard “rib” across the middle of the fruit (like a very stiff grapefruit segment), giving it two hemispheres.

It was so delicious!!! So THIS is what pitaya is supposed to taste like! I always found it a very bland, but refreshing fruit, one that is prettier than it tastes. But this one had so much flavour. I was reminded of the time during one of my Klondike summers that I had a fresh picked cantaloupe.

I’m seeing other fruit emerging from other plants and will keep a closer eye on the garden for more treasures!

10 thoughts on “Pitaya Surprise

    • I’m amused by how it appears to be the same colour as the cutting board, which is actually coral (orangey!). I do hope I get more of these. It was SO yummy. 🙂

  1. What a treat for you! I have not tasted them because they are so expensive here, but the display in the grocery store certainly caught the eye of my camera. I couldn’t help doing a blog post on it. I watched several videos about how to peel and eat them, and everyone raved about the wonderful flavor just like you did. Lucky you! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


    • Exotic fruit is one thing I never deny myself (better that than buying junk food!), but I’ve never paid for a pitaya that tasted as good as this one did!

      As for how to eat them: cut in half vertically and scoop out the inside with a spoon!

  2. I’ve never seen anything quite like that but it sounds like it’s the same difference as a home-grown tomato vs a store bought one when to comes to flavor.

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