Official Approval of My Request for Temporary Residence in Mexico

One of the really complicated things about bringing a vehicle into Mexico on a temporary residency visa is preserving your deposit with Aduana (customs) and Banjercito. I am going to write in greater length about that once I’ve been through the process. But at any rate, I decided that I should start the ball rolling on that tomorrow, so I went back to the INM website tonight to print out the page that shows that I’m approved for temporary residency.

There, I found quite a surprise.

There was a notice for me to download a PDF. I did so and was startled to get a scan of a very formal letter complete with stamps, seals, and signatures, confirming the approval of my request to transfer my 30-day entry into a 1-year temporary residency card.

The following happened when I opened the PDF:

  1. The text swam before my eyes after I saw the header that my case was approved.
  2. I took a deep breath and started to read.
  3. I burst into tears when I realised that I  not only understood what I was reading, but that this was Good News.
  4. I cried for a bit,then went outside and did a happy dance with the dog.

I hadn’t even realised that I’d been thinking of the possibility of a worst case scenario of my application being denied at this stage!

At this point, the hard work from an immigration standpoint is done. Next year, I need to renew my card for a further three years and then I’m done with INM except for an address change until I convert to permanent residency. After a year of permanent residency, I can choose to begin the process of naturalisation (acquiring citizenship).

This felt suspiciously easy…

I think that several things worked in my favour:

  1. I was able to exceed the requirements for acquiring a residente temporal visa.
  2. I speak Spanish, so I was able to do my own research as to requirements and procedures (I think those who don’t speak Spanish are mad to try to do this alone and should pay for a “fixer” to help them as that will save them so much time!).
  3. I was able to do the final steps at a small immigration office (I hear things move much more slowly at the Mérida office).

I should have the residency card itself in the next couple of weeks, at which point I am going to open a bank account. I also want a Mexican driver’s license at some point, but as long as I’m driving a Canadian-plated car, I’m not in a rush to do that. The final thing I will do and what reader Peter is giddy to hear about is getting Mexican health insurance. All will be revealed in due time! 😀

14 thoughts on “Official Approval of My Request for Temporary Residence in Mexico

  1. How exciting for you. Everything seems to be happening quickly and in the right direction. I am sure the pup enjoyed being included in your happy dance!
    Mary Edhaim

  2. Congrats Rae! You are IN! And yes, I am quite giddy about health insurance, but all at your own pace… Enjoy your new found home for the next year.

    Awesomeness is bliss, BTW it’s still raining here… Sigh…

    • I just see Alan Arkin and John Goodman in “Argo” dancing while singing, “They’re out!” but replacing it with “I’m in!” Don’t know if you get what I’m referencing… 😀

      I’m only in this house for the next six months, but after that, I should be settled for a good long while!

      As for rain, augh!

    • Didn’t it?! It helps to have a small office, speak Spanish, and to bring tons of extra paperwork and copies of copies!

  3. The “mother” 😉 in me say’s a cautious Congratulations!!!
    I am so glad to hear that things are working out for you. You have worked very hard to get this done and done correctly.

  4. Well done but then anything you do is always executed perfectly.

    You are the only person I know who did the paperwork on their own. So very happy for you.

    • I did consider paying someone to help me, but after doing my own research, I determined that I’m a fairly straightforward case and could handle it all myself. Piece of cake so far. But for folks who don’t speak Spanish, it’s worth investing in professional help!

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