Not Sure Who Will Sleep Better Tonight…

A few days ago, a gentleman living in the RV park approached me to ask if I could dog sit for him today! Wow, I don’t know what made him think of me or that I’d be a suitable dog sitter, but I was interested in the job! I went over the next day to meet the dog, a sweet Labrador Retriever (I think) named Cody. I knew right away that we’d get along just fine today.

A bit disoriented by the time change, I headed over to the RV park around, oh, 9:00ish this morning, knowing that Cody had last been walked around 5:00. He was happy to see me. I clipped on his leash and took him to a nearly deserted beach, where I let him off the leash, having been assured that he is not prone to running off. He found a giant stick and we had fun playing with it, me throwing it into the surf for him and him bringing it back to me. He essentially told me that he’d had enough by eventually dropping at my feet. I clipped the leash back on for the walk through the more populated part of the beach, brought him home, and hosed him off.

We repeated the exercise around 12:30 and just past three, after I’d fed him. I can’t believe what a good boy he is, so obedient and vital. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much, especially when we played tug of war and I ended up going for my first real swim here. In a full skirt, no less! I swear Cody was laughing his head off. He attracted the attention of a lot of kids and I felt comfortable letting them pet him and throw the stick too.

When we came back to the RV park the third time, neighbours who are friends of mine were out on their patio and invited me over for a beer. I had a Modelo Negro for the first time. It was veeery smooth and would give Guinness a run for its money! One thing led to another and I ended up going home with a much appreciated eggshell topper for my bed, brand new and in the bag, a leftover from a project that didn’t need it! Yes, I have a 1″ memory foam topper, but it really isn’t enough. Wow! I had refused payment for taking care of Cody today, so I guess this was the universe’s way of giving me recompense for my time…

I came in, put the new topper on the bed, and then tried it out. Next thing I knew, it was an hour later ! That’s what a time change, beer, sun, exercise, and a comfy bed do to me! 😀

While sitting with the beer, Cody’s dad called to check in and to advise my neighbour he wouldn’t be in till about 9:00. He asked for a final walk around sunset and that would be good for the day. I just got in from doing that.

What a fun day! I really want a dog and know having one would be good for my health, but I’m just not ready to give up my freedom to travel at this point. Borrowing other people’s dogs is a good compromise!

6 thoughts on “Not Sure Who Will Sleep Better Tonight…

  1. Dogs are awesome. I’m a dog person at heart & every dog I see I want hugs & kisses from them. But not being my dog & not knowing how clean my new doggy friend is…I seldom pass them by. I do get hugs in but I’m more selective.
    I remember spending all day playing “throw the stick” with a golden retriever at Lake Havasu (many years ago)…but it was an awesome day. Boyfriend was was somewhere yacking & I had a great time with that dog _all day long_.
    Now I have a cat & I’m glad I have him.
    Modelo Negro is good.
    Time change? We had ours a few weeks back. Didn’t know it was different.
    Sun, fun, sticks, dogs, beer & friends. Great day! Cooool 😉

  2. I became more of a dog person after I moved to Haven and met C&C’s dog, Brutus.

    “Boyfriend was was somewhere yacking & I had a great time with that dog _all day long_.”

    I’ll take the dog over the boyfriend! 😉

    Mexico does its time change later than the US and Canada. It gets confusing for a few weeks!

    It was a good day! (You forgot the comfier bed! *g*)

  3. Borrowing animals is a great thing for travelers. I get my kitty cuddles when we visit Dave’s sister. Glad you got to spend time with such a well trained dog.

  4. Modelo Negro is my beer of choice when in Mexico. I do not care for pale ales or pilsner beers as much as dark lagers and stouts – something that you can get your teeth into.

    Although I have had nothing now for three years while trying to get some weight off.

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