My New Computer Has Arrived!

The Canada Revenue Agency dinged me with 12% tax on the computer (nearly $300), so I’m glad that it’s a business expense and that I will be able to claim a lot of that back on my taxes!

I’ve already reinstalled OSX on it and am now working at getting the bundled software onto it.

I’m heaps more Mac savvy than I was when I got the iMac, so I suspect that this time the transfer to a new machine will be a lot easier. Also, I’m going from Intel to Intel, which will make a big difference since I can connect the two computers via a Firewire cable.

The 17″ size does not feel as ‘huge’ as a lot of people make it out to be. I’ve only just started on it, but it feels ‘just right’ to me; a perfect compromise. The trackpad is a lot easier than I thought it would be and the keyboard isn’t bad although I will miss my number pad, maybe enough to justify the purchase of an external one.

Going to a notebook will require me to change some of my habits (eg. eating while at the computer is a lot more dangerous when it’s not just a keyboard under your food!), but I think it’s a positive change that will give me a lot more flexibility on the road.

I’m still hoping to leave tomorrow, but I’m expecting another package; a soft protective case for the Macbook Pro, for which I do not have a tracking number. For all I know, it’s in Winnipeg. 🙂

I’m going to finish prepping Miranda’s inside, leaving myself only an hour’s worth of work for tomorrow in case the package miraculously shows up. Departure can’t be any later than noon if I want to arrive in Whitehorse at a reasonable hour and mail doesn’t always get sorted early, so I’ve decided to be okay with a very early Wednesday departure.

Next step, to see if Angus connects to the internet via my aircard….