Just Waiting on a Package

I only have a few things left to do to be ready to leave tomorrow: put away the computers, charge the truck battery, water the house batteries, empty the black tank, take on water, and do a clean up of my site. The car has been loaded with the bike, propane tank, and kayak, which will make tomorrow so much easier. I just hope my package is here! Canada Post said it would take three days. I estimated six. It’s been twelve. I have no comment. 😀

I’ll go check the mail just before noon since that’s my cutoff for leaving and will also wait until I know for sure that I’m leaving before putting away the computers. If I end up staying in Dawson an extra night, I might as well get some work done on them.

I spoke with the post office here regarding my change of address and their solution is exactly what I had in mind. I will keep open my box here but give the key to a friend. Once I have a box open in Whitehorse I will effect a permanent change of address via the Canada Post website. A week later, I will have my friend empty my box and forward me the contents then I will fax the post office here a request to close the box. My friend will then return the key for me.

Tonight, I’ve been  getting to know my new computer. I have successfully migrated over my Firefox, and iCal information, but I missed a folder for Address Book. Part of Mail seems to be work; but for some reason my newest messages are not downloading from the server. Transferring the Mail folder is always a nightmare; I know I inherited some bugs from when I went from my G3 to my iMac but I’m not sure how to resolve the issue and losing five years worth of mail is not something I’m willing to do!

Joke is on me–Firewire has changed since I got the iMac and the cable I have does not work with the Macbook Pro. I’m not falling into that trap again, that of spending a fortune on a cable I’ll only need once, and will simply use the external hard drive as a go-between.

Speaking of external hard drives, I bought a 250GB drive last year since that’s all I needed to back up the iMac and the terabyte drives were exorbitantly priced. Now, the terabyte drives are quite cheap so I will begin to acquire a few and move my movies to them. I still want to keep the originals, of course, but it’ll be so much easier to access the movies from a hard drive and there will be less risk of irreparably damaging the discs.

I’m off to bed in the hope that tomorrow will be a very, very full day…