My Life In Mérida Is Going To Improve Greatly

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September 20th, the government announced that after much talk, ground has finally broken on what will be Mérida’s answer to Bosque de Chapultepec, Central Park, Parc Lafontaine, Stanley Park, a large park called El gran parque de la plancha that will provide a much needed oasis in a poorly planned deforested heat island of a city.

Also this week, there was confirmation that Mérida’s three electric tram lines are officially a go and will be breaking ground in about a month.

One of these tram lines will stop almost right at my door and take me directly to the new park. In total, the tram lines will cover about 85% of the “long distance” travel I do in this city.

My top two complaints about life in Mérida are the inaccessibility of green spaces and the poor public transportation. Both issues are getting sorted. Life here is about to improve greatly and I’m excited for the future!