INEGI Household Expenditures Survey

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The doorbell rang on Friday and it was a surveyor from INEGI, the Mexican “National Institute of Statistics and Geography.” My household was one of only 150,000 in all of Mexico selected to do a survey on household expenses to help determine services and social programs that would be needed in those select geographic areas. I understand the importance of such things so I agreed to participate.

It has been quite the process! The initial visit took over an hour and then the gentleman returned Saturday and Sunday for nearly two hours each time and will be here again today through Thursday, but just for a few minutes for those visits. I had to answer questions about categories of expenses over the last six months, last three months, last month, and last week. I also have to track all my daily food and transportation costs. It’s unfortunately a weird time of my life to be collecting such data, but he said he’ll take whatever info I have to give.

I finished the “big” survey yesterday, so today he is just coming to get my food spending for the last 24 hours. I actually got some groceries yesterday (and thank goodness it was a small shop because he put down every single item and its weight!) so I expect my only expenditure for today will be my post-Pilates coffee.

Even though this has been a huge time sink, I really did feel it is imperative to participate. I know that Stats Canada cannot be trusted because I’ve been denied participation in the census, telling me that no numbers that come out of their studies can be trusted to truly reflect the gamut of realities in Canada. So I’m hoping that the numbers here are more trustworthy. The questions definitely did seem to cover the full gamut of Mexican households, from those with dirt floors where people sleep in the food preparation area where they cook with firewood to the modern houses like mine that have all the amenities of the modern world.