Mercurial Weather

The day the code enforcer came, it was so hot and sticky that I finally caved and ran the AC. Then a big thunderstorm rolled in and the temperature dropped. Yesterday was chilly and damp in the rig. Today, it’s only 6C outside and it was 5C in the rig when I woke up!!!!!! BRR! At least the sun is shining!

Do I really need to go north? 🙁

Unrelated, people who mow lawns before 8AM should be forced to eat their mower clippings.

8 thoughts on “Mercurial Weather

  1. 😀 Another one of those English words for which I remember the moment when I learned it: the first time I read the Anastasia Krupnik books by Lois Lowry. 🙂

  2. We are in Jackpot, Nevada right on the Idaho border. It is cold outside and we had a little rain on and off all day driving from Ely, NV. We only have about 20 hours driving to the Port Angeles ferry so we might stay here one more day. It is only going to get worse!

  3. But once you’re across the mountains, it will be spring, no? I mean, the weather reports I’m getting from the Pacific Northwet is that it’s gorgeous out there.

  4. It snowed yesterday in Minneapolis, too. But that is the LAST snow of the season and it is all going to be melted by the time I get there in less than a week.

    In Texas, where I was, it got so humid I turned the air conditioning on to dry it out some. Where I am tonight, in a different part of Texas, I am going to need the furnace. I am such a wimp.

  5. Went to Wal-Mart today and all your fellow countrymen Rvers were bunkered down in the parking lot. Cracked me up to see 4 couples under a shade tree in lawn chairs.

    You are not alone. Floods in Illinois, floods in Missouri, Snow in Minnesota, bad weather everywhere. Gonna be 36 degrees F tonight. Just when I thought electric blanket days were over…

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