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I had a bit of a homey morning, doing laundry and catching up on some chores and bookkeeping. Around 1:00, I decided it was too nice of a day to spend on the computer so I put on my new dress and a new scarf and headed off for lunch on the Malecón.

On the way, I stopped in at the Mercado with the hope of finding a very lightweight dressing gown, something I’ve been wanting for quite some time. I struck out at the thrift shops back home and I didn’t like the selection in stores. I just wanted a pretty cover-up to wear over my skimpy jammies so I can have my coffee outside or run out to get the water without having to get dressed first.

I went up two aisles in the Mercado when I spotted something on a dummy. I had it taken off for me to examine more closely and was surprised that it was absolutely perfect:




It’s almost like a kimono, so it has a very ample cut. The length is perfect, not so long as to get tangled in it, but long enough to be modest. It will make a good beach/swimming pool cover up as well. I was quoted $250, countered with $200, and was told that the best price was $230, which seemed fair to me so I happily forked over the money.

I then headed to the Malecón to have lunch at El Shrimp Bucket, a chain of shrimp restaurants. I was wary about eating there, but read several reviews that left me intrigued. I knew it would be a pricy meal, but haven’t had a really nice meal out in ages. I ordered a Pacifico, which came with a frosty mug, and hemmed and hawed over the menu. Everything looked good! I ended up having the “camarones a la suiza” (Swiss-style shrimp) because it had tomatillo (green tomato) sauce, which I love.

Shrimp-wise, the meal was worth its hefty $212 price tag. The portion of plump charbroiled shrimp was generous and perfectly cooked. But the dish could have stood a few minutes under a broiler to properly melt and even char the Chihuahua cheese. The roasted vegetables (zucchini, carrot, and eggplant (!)) were sparse, but very tasty. I was surprised that the rice was of the plain old white variety since rice tends to be so flavourful in Mexico. But it wound up being the perfect base for consuming a very tasty red sauce. There was also a sweet salsa that I’m pretty sure had real maple syrup in it (!). It was great for dipping the veggies in and even complemented the green sauce. Oh, and I had a bun, which I used to mop up every last drop of that yummy green sauce. All the salsas were just spicy enough for my tastes. The only one I didn’t try was what appeared to be a tartar sauce, since that’s made with mayo.

The meal was good enough that I’d go back to El Shrimp Bucket to try their much more reasonably priced shrimp, bacon, and avocado tacos! Their beer is the same price as everywhere else on the Malecón, so the frosty mug alone makes a return trip inevitable!

There’s a raspado (shaved ice) shop almost right next door, so I popped in for a dessert that would be much lighter than an ice cream and more refreshing on a super hot day. They had a gazillion flavours and I opted for piña colada. I want to go back and try some others!

I got in to discover that the plumbing faery came by in my absence! I have hot water AND pressure in my shower!

Am I glad I did my housekeeping before heading out, though! 😀

18 thoughts on “Lunch in Town

  1. Have you ever had enchiladas suisas at Sanborn’s? Made with chicken, it is a well-known dish to Mexicans. The shrimp sound even better!

    • I’ve never been to Sanborn’s (I think they’re also a chain?), but I’ve had enchiladas suizas before. Very tasty! But I’d rather have shrimp than chicken. 🙂

  2. We have had several delicious meals at the Shrimp Bucket. You might want to try Fat Fish sometime as well. Their speciality is ribs, which Norma wanted, but their seafood selection is great as well.

  3. Love your new dressing dressing gown….it has pockets, wow! You got your hot water on a Sunday, very special.

    El Fish is the place to eat….one of my top five places in Mazatlan.

    I would say that today was a very good day for you.

    • The pockets really make it, don’t they?! The only thing I don’t like is that there are no belt loops for the sash. I’ll make my own.

      My landlady’s husband did the work on the water, so I’m not surprised he worked on a Sunday.

      Looks like there are two El Fish, one in Centro and one in the GZ. Which do you go to?

      It was a good day. I forgot to mention in my post that I got a special ride over to the other side. Had the lancha all to myself, we didn’t stop at the Colonia, and we went FAST!!!

      • On the bright side, you at least have a sash. Like Sandy, I love the color.

        We eat at the El Fish in the Malecon on Olas Altas.

        • I am very happy there’s a sash!

          I’d rather eat on the Malecón than on Camarón Sábalo: less traffic and more scenic!

  4. Shrimp, bacon, avocado taco–I’d have a hard time passing that up.

    Love the robe. For belt loops I’d probably crochet a couple of strings then sew just the ends to the robe. I’m not much for sewing, 🙂

    • I am surprised that tomatillo sauce was more appealing than shrimp, bacon, and avocado, LOL.

      We had the same idea for the robe! Either that or make a loop out of some pretty ribbon I have left. Just need on loop at the back to hold it. I’ll have to wait till I have a helper who can help me pin said loop at the right place!

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