Lovely Ambiance

I had dinner with my friend Sue tonight. I didn’t realise until the bill came that I was being treated for my part in the Great iPad Rescue, so what a lovely surprise that was! Thanks!

We started with a glass of wine and a sunset from her roof, which has an amazing view of the harbour where the cruise ships come in. We then went nearly next door to a restaurant that is open in the evenings, a rarity on Isla. This is a fairly new place just up from the beach off of the road to Goat Island. Sue has been there a few times and you really need to know it’s there because there’s almost no lighting. Best way I can describe it is that it’s on the new access road to the beach, about halfway between the beach and Goat Island road entrance points. They have a sign listing their offerings and that they are abierto (open).

The restaurant is really charming. The furniture is made from pallets. You can sit out in the open overlooking the water…


Or under a giant palapa on a brick terrace.


This is not a “cendaduria” like Miguel’s with inexpensive fast food, but a proper sit down restaurant to enjoy a gourmet meal. Sue had had the garlic shrimp before and loved it, so we went for that, plus a Pacifico each. The garlic shrimp were plump and cooked to perfection. They came with the standard tomato rice and a surprising salad made of romaine lettuce, onion, cucumber, tomato, and pineapple (!), with a really good dressing made of oil and lime juice. We also had a basket of tortillas.

Dinner for two was $280, so $120 for the garlic shrimp and $20 for the beer. Definitely too much to make it a regular haunt, but what a great spot for a romantic date or just relaxing with a friend. I will definitely be back!

6 thoughts on “Lovely Ambiance

  1. Lovely but where is it? What new access road? Is it on the same road as Sue’s place and when facing Mazatlan is it to the left or the right? Does it have a name?

    • Sue’s place is on the road to Goat Island. There was a new access road to the beach built this year to make it easier to get there from the expensive embarcadero. I’m surprised you don’t know about it. You used to have to climb around the break wall and go up a rocky foot path. Now, there’s a nice open road that ATVs, trucks, and carts can use to get up and down. If you were to walk there from your place, you would walk all the way to the end of the populated end of the beach, up the access road, and the restaurant is on your left. You can see the sign better in the other direction.

  2. Okay so Sue’s place is on what it called the Causeway. Haven’t seen the ‘new access road’ and have only observed people using the rocky foot path coming form the Play Sur embarcadero. I am aware of the ATV access road to the right of the old Tio Juan restaurant which would go to Sue’s. Will check out the new access to the left and look for the restaurant.

    • That ATV access roads like what they’re calling the new access road. If it was there last year, it wasn’t as developed and traversable.

      You’ll see the restaurant from the beach as you get to the end since it’s up high and has the giant palapa.

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