Kneaded and Cooked

I had thought my final day on Isla would be one of quiet relaxation. Ha. Of course, work came in at the last minute and I found myself up at 6:00 this morning to finish work by 10:30 — and the house being about as packed as I had thought it would be by that time Wednesday! But it was worth it since I’ve picked up a new client.

I skipped my morning coffee break so I could do a solid two hours of work on the house and packing. By the time I collapsed with some hummus and crackers at noonish, the worst was behind me. Thank goodness for that since I had a massage scheduled!

My muscles were worked hard and I’m pretty sure I’ll be sore tomorrow, but it felt so good to pamper myself one last time before my coach turns into a pumpkin.

While my masseuse is Mexican, he lived in the US, in Vermont, for many years and learned his trade there. He says that when the heat gets like this, he misses Vermont winters! He also confirmed that insane driving is very much a Maz, not generalised Mexico, thing, because people here tend to get their license with a bribe. He had some venting to do about a near hit he had this morning!

All I wanted after he left was a nap, that’s how magical his fingers are, but I had more work to do. I put in another two hours and then could finally collapse with a cold beer, having only a few more things to put in the truck in the truck in the mornings and the floors to wash.

Around 6:30, I headed out to dinner, going by way of the beach to say my goodbyes to the surf, and the unthinkable happened: MIGUEL’S WAS CLOSED.

Needless to say, I was heartbroken. 🙁 I ended up going “downtown” and having a torta at Osuna’s. It was okay, but not the final Isla dinner I was looking forward to. The walk home seemed very long. I’m exhausted!

So I’m ready to go first thing tomorrow. I’m hitting the sack early since I’m seriously drooping and hope to be ready at first light, like I was last year. It’s going to be a very long haul!

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  1. Get some good rest tonight & you’ll be refreshed tomorrow.
    Keep us posted.
    Safe travels, again.

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