I decided to go to town for a walk and lunch today. I took the village lancha and, while waiting for it, witnessed a man making ‘horns’ behind his wife’s head as someone else took a picture of them. Witnesses to this burst out laughing and she called out, “What did he do?!” which just made us laugh harder.

There was a huge cruise ship in port today:


On the Maz side, I walked down Emilio Barragán nearly all the way to the embarcadero for the beach lancha, turning at the entrance to the cruise ship docks to follow the blue line to Centro. It was rather funny to see all the pulmonías spilling out of the docks!

I got to the big intersection that for some reason doesn’t have a tope or any incentive to get the cross traffic to stop, no matter how much tourist traffic there is there. A few police officers were guiding people and one came up to me. We had this conversation in English:

Cop: What are you looking for?
Me: Nothing. I’m heading to Machado. I live here.
Cop (taking a moment to process that): You live here and don’t need help?
Me: Not at all.
Cop: Thank God!

I guess the tourists have been keeping the police busy!

At the Plazuela…


…I headed straight to Beach Burger, where I was greeted with a hug and cheek kiss from the server, who wanted to know how long I’d been back in Maz and was I still living on Isla and was there at a lot of snow at my house in Canada? I hadn’t even sat down yet! I should make a note that I only went to Beach Burger perhaps four or five times last year, at the absolute most! Perhaps he remembers me because I speak Spanish with him?

I ordered a Tecate and their Wipe Out burger, asking for no fries. He winked and said, “Okay, lots of fries.” I said, “No, I don’t need them!” and he laughed and offered to bring me a salad instead. Great! And then I had to refuse the chips and salsa!

The salad was made with hearts of romaine, not iceberg (!!!), and had a really nice dressing. It might not look like much, but I would have that as a main with some croutons and cheese, it was that yummy. The burger was great, too, and it had tons of Montreal steak spice, which I love. The price has gone up to $90, but it’s still very good value.


An email came in while I was eating and it was an urgent message from a member of my proofing team asking me to please look over a short document. Thankfully, it was something I could do properly from my phone, so I fired off a response. My colleague replied, “Thanks! Must be nice to be off work before 4:00!”

I answered, “I start at 8:00 your time.”

To which she replied, “Oh! That’s 6:00 a.m. for you!!! I’m not even up then! Wow. I’d be off before 4:00, too!”

I really love my schedule, by the way. It’s not painful at all!

I stopped for a gelato after my lunch and then slowly meandered my way back to the embarcadero since I didn’t have any shopping to do.

I love how something so mundane as taking a walk and having lunch is blog worthy in my Mexican life!

4 thoughts on “Jajaja

  1. Good to know Beach Burger is still open. FYI, he remembers everyone even if you’ve only been twice, quite the guy. Good for tips 🙂

    We saw 2 huge ships in yesterday and hardly anyone on the beach.

    Happy to see you happy even with all the work you are doing.

    • Still open, still delicious! I admire people like that. I tend to be good with faces (not names) in context, but put that same person in a different place than I’m used to seeing them and I don’t know who they are!

      Yup, there were two huge ones. Don’t know why I was so focused on the Norwegian line one. 🙂

      “All the work that you are doing” is slightly amusing when I compare my life this winter to last winter. I’m doing ‘normal’ hours, more or less (40ish hours a week, if that!). Definitely not working myself to the bone. Lots of time for fun and relaxation. I even have time every evening to watch an episode of a TV show (on DVD) I’m currently into!

      • Maybe cuz that ship had a big back end 🙂 I watched them go out last night into the glorious sunset, see my blog later today.

        Most important of all you currently have zero stress in your fabulous life.

        • And it was right in port where I could see it from the embarcadero on our side.

          Well, I wouldn’t say zero, but close enough to it. 🙂

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