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This post is for Contessa who asked to see the results of a purchase I made a while back, but I thought others might enjoy seeing how I continue to make my wonderful house my home.

As way of background, I started collecting wall art about 10 years ago. When I moved into Miranda, so did my most precious pieces and those pieces came to Mexico with me. I hung them up when I moved in last year, but they didn’t make a dent in the amount of blank wall space I have in this mini mansion! So I’ve been keeping my eye out for things and have bought a few new pieces by local artists that were well within my budget. But again, they didn’t make a dent in the blank wall space here.

So when a neighbour just up the street posted to our neighbourhood Facebook group five colourful commercial prints for just $100 total (20 pesos each), I promptly swooped in and asked if I could have a closer look. They were not good quality and the frames were cheap, but I loved the images and the bright colours. They would not be “forever” pieces for me, but absolutely perfect for this in-between time of renting.

Before I could hang them, I needed to buy “hooky-things” for them as they didn’t have anything to slide onto a nail in the wall. Finally made it to Home Depot today and they had exactly what I needed, and in a six-pack when I had five pictures, for less than 20 pesos!

First up is this street scene that reminds me of Kotor, Montenegro. Click on all pictures to embiggen to see details!

On the other side of the wall, in the dining room, is my favourite of the five and the one I would have bought if I’d misunderstood and the pictures were $100 each.

This bowl of local fruits definitely has the best colour of the five!

My least favourite of the five has really grown on me. I don’t like the bland background, but those apples are gorgeous!

The final one is pretty but doesn’t evoke an emotional attachment, so I stuck it in the guest bedroom. 🙂

Here are other pieces I’ve hung up.

I traded my lawn mower at Haven for this painting by my neighbour and friend there. I can’t believe that it’s in Mérida after seeing it on her Facebook page and falling in love so hard!

I bought these next two back in March and they finally have homes!

The flamingo was up in my bedroom for a bit, but migrated down to my office where I get to enjoy it all day as my work station faces it. 🙂

The dragonfly required a lot of measuring to hang just right.

Bonus dog pic

I was standing at the front door when I took that picture. Notice that you can see the whole picture when you walk in the door and it’s not blocked by the beam or the hand rail?

Next up are these two dollar-store frames that I picked up in Campbell River way back yonder just to cover holes in my RV walls. I really like them and while they don’t pack as much of a punch again beige walls as they did green, I’m glad I grabbed them when I was at Haven in September. Yep, that’s another dragonfly.

I also hung up this card my best friend Bast sent me when my dad died and which posits a lovely theory.

Perhaps life is but a journey leading to the perfect home

Finally, here’s a macaw parrot I painted with watercolours in 1993!

4 thoughts on “Hanging Around

  1. Thank you for this post. So nice to see the art up and where you have chosen to display it all. I really like the card that Bast sent you. I would be nice in a frame.

    I’m sure that you feel good walking around and seeing all the color on your walls.

    • I had the card in a homemade frame in Miranda, but it didn’t make the trip back. I will eventually find a frame here, and for the macaw as well!

      It’s nice to sit in the living room and look around the first floor and not just see white walls!

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