Fixing Holes in RV Walls

RV walls are made of thin paneling. You would think that fixing those holes would be a lot of work, right? That it’d involve filling the hole, patching, plastering, and sanding, right?

hole from ugly light fixture (and the green paint!)


Here is how to fix a hole in an RV wall in just one step! One!

you’d never know there was a hole here!

Of course, this works best when the hole is at a convenient height to put a picture. 😀

A couple of days ago, I found myself staring at two holes on either side of the big picture window in the rear after removing the ugly light fixtures. I didn’t have any suitable art with which to cover them up and I wanted a matching pair of pictures.

So, I did something I’ve never done and actually went out searching for the perfect thing to cover those holes. I’ve always acquired art on a whim and made it work within my home. These pieces had to fit my decorating scheme and have some personal significance. After trying several stores and looking at pieces that cost more than $100, I found this butterfly and a matching dragonfly at a dollar store of all places, for $2 a piece! The colours are perfect; the frames are nicely distressed; and insects remind me of a major crossroad moment in my life.

The paint job is a mitigated disaster. I really would have needed a third coat (!). I’m just going to put everything into place and scrap every last drop out of that can to touch up the really obvious bad spots. But the colour is so lovely and rich that I’d rather have a bad paint job in here than those ugly white and sage walls.

7 thoughts on “Fixing Holes in RV Walls

  1. The paint and picture look wonderful!

    I thought my paint job was a horrific disaster, but as I got some more distance from it (time, and not focusing on it so much), I realized it wasn’t as bad as I originally thought.

    I do have 4-5 coats on this thing, though…


  2. Rae,

    I think the green looks warm and cozy and really classy. The artwork works perfectly too and I’m sure it takes attention away from all the little paint flaws that only you can see.

    And you can’t beat a two dollar, one-step hole cover-up. Way to go!


  3. I bought a gallon of paint and just kept touching up for a week. I thought it might be a lifetime project.

    (By the way, I was *really* excited when I saw your post topic! I have a bunch of holes from where I removed the dinette support on the wall. I guess I just need a bunch of pictures…)


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