First Glimpses of My Mediterranean Shore

I had another good night of sleep. The room is very quiet and like my room in Alicante, it has exterior blinds that allow for a complete blackout. Add in a decent bed and I’ve got good sleeping conditions.

I wanted to complete a fairly large job before the invoicing deadline today, so I got cracking on that. With about an hour of work left to do on it, I took a break to make something I have been craving for four months: roasted chicken. Or, rather, roasted chicken breast, having bought yesterday a really huge one with the bones in! I had brined the chicken overnight, so I dried it off, seared it, and then roasted it over a bed of veggies. It came out perfectly, so tender, juicy, and flavourful! I have heaps of leftovers I look forward to enjoying.

By about four, the job was done and I started on my weekend work, knowing more was incoming. Not only did I have the stamina to do that, but I hadn’t felt the least bit of a need for a nap and… I wanted to go for a walk! I’m almost better!

So off I went to explore the very nearby beach and malecón.

Here I am looking towards Cabo de Gata.


It’s not a nice sandy beach, but rather gravel. My host explained that the beach got washed away every winter, so the authorities finally built a series of jetties to control the erosion and then covered the beach in pea gravel. The jetties seem to be working.


The jetties aren’t meant to be walked on, but I wasn’t the only one who had fun hopping from stone to stone to get to the end of one!


I cannot believe the colour of the Mediterranean! I thought I got a couple of good shots in Alicante, but it looks like it really is turquoise!


So Cabo de gata again.


And looking towards the African continent, less than 200KM away…


Looking back towards my neighbourhood.



Our lovely Malecón. It ends a couple of blocks away in the direction I’m facing, but I’m not sure how long it is in the other direction.


I could be in a suburban Mexican neighbourhood, like Playa Sur or just off the Golden Zone in Maz.


This is where I had my first tapas! It has been fully renovated recently.


It’s going to be a working weekend, but I am taking Sunday morning off to go explore the market my host told me about. Hopefully, I’ll be back to full speed by the start of the week so I can take my first bus ride and get further orientated as to greater Almería as I’ll already be one week down into a seven-week stay. My time here is going to fly by!

9 thoughts on “First Glimpses of My Mediterranean Shore

  1. Nice…I’m on my phone, will check out the pictures on my computer. They are always better on the computer.
    Glad you’re feeling better.

  2. I think I may have to include Spain on our European tour. This is beautiful. I’m glad your having a great time there.

    We’re totally out of our sticks and bricks now. Our son moved into the house a few weeks ago. We’ve made it back to Tucson until March, then up to Napa Valley, CA. Hope to meet up with you again one of these days.

  3. What a beautiful spot, the color of the water reminds me of the sea south of Cancun. Just think, it will be only five weeks until you write, “Only one weel left!” LOL. Enjoy!

  4. So glad you are feeling better! Having work to do is a mixed blessing. Being able to do it is pure blessing!

    • I’m feeling so much better, thanks! Work right now is a blessing. I’m not happy about the state of my coffers.

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