Six years and a couple of weeks ago in Prince George, BC, road weary and about to embark on the greatest adventure of my life to that point — my first drive up the Alaska Highway — blog reader Les invited me to recoup at his spread just outside of town. A couple of nights ago, he emailed saying he and his wife Linda were driving back to BC from Ontario and did I have room for their Roadtrek?


After so many weeks and months of parking in other people’s yards, it is so good to finally be able to reciprocate! And to catch up with old friends, of course. Les was an RV tech, so he  drops me the odd note out of the blue if I’m struggling with something.

The three of us caught up over the course of the afternoon. Much beer was consumed. Les had a look at my door and had some suggestions. Like others who have stayed at Haven, he and Linda commented on how idyllic life is in the little hamlet. They met “Charles” and “Laura” and we made note of the other neighbours driving by, jokingly starting a countdown of how many more neighbours they had to meet (not many; our population shrank over the winter!).

Les and I finally had to call it a night around 9:30 as he’d had a very long driving day. Linda had already retired for the night by that point. When I came out this morning at 7:30, they were just ready to pull out so we said our goodbyes and they headed off on what will probably be their second to last leg of the long journey home. It took four nights just to get out of northern Ontario (which is 90 billion kilometres long), so they’re pretty road weary and ready to be home.

I really like this type of hosting, when people bring their house with them and give you beer! 🙂

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    • First suggestion was exactly what I was thinking of doing: laying a board over the door and hammering it with a mallet. Then, he revised that and said I should start by clamping boards on both side of the door and tightening evenly. He did not suggest I remove the door.

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