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I haven’t updated my insurance coverage since I changed my residency to Saskatchewan in 2013. I’ve just been paying for my Aviva Elite full-timer policy that covers the RV with no consideration for my buildings. Now that I’m leaving for a solid ten months (or even longer!) and I had something happen (attempted break-in), I knew it was time to completely revise my insurance coverage.

Here’s what I sent my broker last week (some things redacted):

I switched my policy to your office around August of 2013 after moving from Alberta.

My circumstances have changed dramatically and I need all new coverage.

The motorhome is now parked permanently on my property and is my residence.

My property now has two outbuildings (14”x16” and 18”x16”) for which I also need coverage for them and their contents.

I need to make sure I am insured for fire service (the town suggests $10,000).

I am not going to be onsite for the next ten months or so as I will be traveling. I don’t have any running water, so no risk of damage from frozen pipes, and I have a neighbour who checks in periodically. I want to make sure I have a modicum of coverage during my absence in case of a fire or a tree falling onto my home or my buildings. I am not the kind of person who would make a claim for something small like a window breaking during a hail storm. I’m really looking for catastrophic coverage, if there is such a thing.

The contents to be insured are worth *** (itemized list). There will be nothing of value left in the motorhome during my absence, but I will have a few things stored with a neighbour.

The broker just called and said she spoke to Aviva before calling me and that… nothing changes. I am covered for all that! I just have to let them know when I’ve come home next year.

I knew that I was covered for stuff in outbuildings, but did not realise that I was covered for the outbuildings themselves, a huge surprise!

However, I do not find the coverage for the buildings adequate, so the broker will ask if it can be increased and for how much. She will also see about travel coverage for my electronics and triple check that I’m covered for rural fire service. She thinks I am because I’m in a proper community with a hydrant almost right at my property line but will confirm.

This phone call was quite a surprise. I’m really pleased that my premiums won’t go up, or much if I have to add a little extra coverage. I’m sure you’re all wondering what my policy is costing me. $64 a month. Really.

Next, since my truck will be in “storage” during my absence, I will contact SGI to see if I can suspend my registration/insurance. That will save me $70 a month while I am overseas!

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  1. We just renewed the Aviva “storage’ part of our motorhome insurance as well. It is more expensive than ICBC storage insurance would be but the Aviva covers us when we use the RV as an extra bedroom when we have visitors. I specifically asked what would happen if overnight guests in the RV cause a fire that burns down the neighbor’s house. Certainly a worst case scenario but I would be covered. You have to think of these things before thet happen.

    • Aviva coverage is really great, but dealing with a claim is an issue. Hope I never have to do that again!

      So what would happen? Isn’t that covered in your liability insurance? Because your neighbours’ insurance would sue yours?

  2. Excellent post. We use a combo of Aviva and ICBC but have never even thought of decreasing the Aviva to storage insurance. I wonder how much I could have saved over the last 15 years. I will be calling to tomorrow to get a quote.

    • I don’t know if Aviva has storage insurance or not. Worth a call! I know ICBC does since Croft would “cancel” his ICBC coverage when in Mexico and covered by Mexican insurance and start it up when he got home.

      • When we travel with the motorhome we have both ICBC and Aviva. One covers liability and the other covers damages to the MH itself. We don’t actually cancel both of them when we enter Mexico but we keep proof of the time we are in mexico and apply for a refund when we get home.

        When the MH is parked back home and not being driven, we allow the ICBC portion to expire but keep the Aviva as storage insurance. It is more expensive than ICBC’s storage insurance but covers much more like actual replacement value as well as covering it’s use as an extra bedroom when it is parked. ICBC does not allow this kind of use saying. “Storage means storage only”.

      • I am going to have to talk to them again and get clarification on this point. I am not sure how that would actually work.

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