I wasn’t too concerned today at the grocery store when my Visa got declined. Well, I just called CIBC and learned that my card was compromised! Someone used my number at Wind Mobile (interesting because that would put the breach in Canada…) and when that got approved, they went on a mad shopping spree to the tune of several thousand dollars!

Since I balanced the books the other day, I was able to confirm that everything that’s posted is mine and that I haven’t put through anything since then. So I’m not responsible for any of the charges that did go through before the fraud system froze the card and the representative says that he doubts I’ll hear anything more about this.

The rep immediately canceled my card and is rush shipping me one here to Maluk Izvor. Hopefully, the mail works as well as I was promised it does! Imagine if this had happened in Mexico, where the mail system is unreliable and there is no mail on Isla!

I don’t use my card a lot, favouring cash since that’s easier in these small communities, so I’m not in any sort of pickle as long as the card does come and I don’t have to start all over again.

It was fun giving the rep the address since everything sounded so “alien.” It helped when I said, “This line is the address, street first, then house number. This next line is the town. Now, we’re at the province and postal code.” No, mail in Bulgaria does not have to be addressed in Cyrillic.

The only way that I might wish I had my card is if I go away next weekend and need to book a hotel, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen. The work week is starting very slowly, so I may not want to take off at the end of it.

CIBC does a great job in situations like these of reassuring me that all is fine. I’m not distressed, but a whole hell of a lot curious as to how my card got compromised!

11 thoughts on “Compromised!

  1. We have cards from two different banks for just this reason. When one gets compromised we use the other while waiting for the replacement to the first one. That means the biggest challenge is making sure all our automatic payments get the new information in a timely manner.

    • Thankfully, I don’t rely on my credit card or have automatic payments on it! I have two debit cards (from different banks) so I always get cash.

  2. In Mazatlan you would have had the new card sent by Fedex to you. But you would have to pick it up in town or have it sent you c/o King David’s office and he would have delivered it to the RV park.

  3. We also use CIBC Visa and have been compromised. Visa actually called us to ask where we were. We were in Mexico and the expenses were being racked up in Spain. We figure it got compromised at the Mexican border as that is the only place we used it. As we have two different Visa’s and an American Express and now recently a Mastercard we just cancelled the card. The AX was obtained just for travel purposes.

    • CIBC used to call, but they’ve modernised their fraud system. It’s actually really good. I will get a second card at some point, but for now, the one is enough.

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