A Video Tour of My RV

Yesterday, I shot a video tour of the rig in reply to the multiple requests I’ve had for one.

I’ve edited this video for length and content, but it was all shot in one take from one end to the other to give you a better feel of how the spaces flow into each other.

12 thoughts on “A Video Tour of My RV

  1. Thanks for the tour! Your voice didn’t sound anything like I thought it would. I’ve been a long time reader and while I know DH & I will never be able to live in an RV full time because of our business, we are finally buying a used RV. It’s at the mechanic today getting looked over and then we will be putting an offer on it if he doesn’t find anything major wrong. I’m super excited! We are using this as our “getting used to have an RV” RV… With the idea that we will figure out what we love and hate and know exactly what to buy in our next one.

  2. Wow, great tour Rae, it really feels like you are giving us an apartment tour, I love all the light you have, doesn’t feel dark and cramped, let me know when your mom is marketing those dressers I will buy two!

    Your cats are wayyyy cute!

  3. Liz, were you expecting a French-Canadian accent?

    Thanks for the comments, ladies!

    Les, sharp eye! You might notice that it is in the cabinet above the knife bar, on which I have my beer bottle opener. 🙂

  4. Nice tour of your rig; the video made me feel that I was right there. Shows how all those projects fit together; and the separate rooms feel you’ve talked about. One day my RV will be more personalized, but right now I’m just getting started.
    Thanks for the glimpse into your personal space.

  5. Thanks for the great tour! You have done a great job with your space. It does not look like a typical RV at all. You have some good tips I will have to do in my place one day.


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