2013 RV Owners Lifestyle Seminar

Late June, I’ll be talking about my trip this winter at the RV Owners Lifestyle Seminar in Kelowna, BC. This is the third time I’ve been invited and I knew if I said no again, I’d never get another chance.

From the topics page:

The presenter will share tips on how to find free or inexpensive places to park your RV, whether it be overnight or for several weeks, by providing examples and resources from her 2012-2013 trip through several states, including Louisiana and Texas.

I’m really excited to attend the seminar as it sounds like a really fun weekend. That said, it has thrown my summer completely off kilter. This is a volunteer gig, so I’m not sure yet how I’ll finance all that time off to prepare and attend the seminar. I am thinking of looking for sponsors, although I have no idea of how to go about doing that.

The RV Owners Lifestyle Seminar is like attending RV College for a long weekend, with lots of things to learn and plenty of opportunities for socializing. If you’re thinking of being in BC this summer, maybe as you’re heading up to Alaska, you might want to squeeze this event into your calendar.

3 thoughts on “2013 RV Owners Lifestyle Seminar

  1. Hmmmm….sponsorship. I’m not experienced at that either. Suggestions:

    1. Could a Kelowna RV dealership kick in some $ in return for linking them to your website for a month or two? Surely seminar participants would be checking out your website before/during/after the event?

    2. Or sponsorship from Gorving.ca?

    3. Good Sam, FMCA, RV Insure, Explorers Club?

    Good luck, Rae …..

  2. Sounds like the former Life on Wheels we attended. If so, I highly recommend anyone interested in the RV lifestyle go there. We learned a lot and made some good connections. Even if you’ve been RVing awhile go–after all you don’t know what you don’t know until you see it.

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