A Movie and My First Taxi Ride in Mérida

I got several recommendations to see the movie “Deadpool,” so I had that on my list for my time in Mérida. I caught the 4:10 subtitled matinée this afternoon at the Plaza Sendero Cinepolis. It was only about 2.5KM away, but through a very rough neighbourhood with few sidewalks and no traffic. There was no way I was walking home from there after dark (although I think that with a bit of map studying, I could find a safe route) so I knew I’d have to catch a taxi after.

A matinee in Maz is $45 and in Mérida it is a mere $31! Wow! This is for a first run Hollywood blockbuster!

I enjoyed the movie  (especially hearing the words “Regina, Saskatchewan”!). By the time I visited the Soriana next door for a few sundries, it was past 6PM and pitch dark out. There were taxis waiting outside the mall entrance. Getting a taxi home in Maz is easy; I just ask for the embarcadero. But here, I live in a little cul-de-sac that requires a few more words to explain, so I was glad to have a landmark. I asked how much to go to Calle 35 near the Hotel Las Americas and was quoted $40, which seemed fair for the distance we were going. The taxi did have a metre and I’m pretty sure the ride would have been less if we’d gone the metre route, though. I definitely need to figure out taxis here even though I had done some research and was told to agree on a price even if there is a metre. But if I got taken, it was only for $5 or $10, as per the metre, not a huge deal. I even had to give the driver a few directions as he wasn’t sure exactly where my bit of 52A is. I got us there with one wrong turn that might not have been so because of all the one ways here. The driver said I did well considering I’ve only been here a few days!

It’s now almost 7:00 and I think I will go out to the Irish pub in a bit for a beer since I got a late start today and won’t be ready for bed by my usual 8:30 (!).

I can’t believe I only have three days left here!

13 thoughts on “A Movie and My First Taxi Ride in Mérida

  1. The time has passed very quickly but I am happy to see your impressions of Merida and Yucatan are positive! It will be a great winter next year!

  2. I know…as women we have that right! Not to mention the whole Jell-o thing.
    I’m thinking something, um, a little more adventurous 😉 *nods head*.
    Great job going to the movie & back via taxi.
    How was the pub?

    • 😀 I will do a blog post when I get home (Isla) about my revised plans. Remind me about it, though. 😉

      I didn’t get to the pub after all. I’m trying to do a job for a client and Microsoft Word is being exceedingly stupid and making the job 100 times as difficult as it should be so I had to spend time on that. 🙁

  3. That always cracks me up when you say that stuff that way. Ok…How do you really feel? 😉 😀
    Good luck.

  4. Rae,

    I don’t use Word enough that I wanted to buy the Office software plus I do not like Microsoft all that much. So I downloaded OpenOffice Writer and it does everything that I need for it to do. It may not be what you need or want but if you are not familiar with it you might try it.

    • Unfortunately, I have to use what my clients use. If I could just export to word from another application, I would use the free and much more functional Apple Pages.

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