The Computer Chair Saga

I’ve been using a “good enough” computer chair for a year now. During that time, I’ve periodically gone to various officer furniture stores to suss out my options and budget for a good chair like the one I left behind in Canada. Nobody had in stock anything that came close to the quality I wanted, including injectable foam arms and seat. This is probably related to how uncomfortable Mexican furniture is in general…

When I came back from Cancún, the little bit of padding left in the “good enough” chair gave up the ghost and I might as well have been sitting on a bed of nails. I’d ascertained by this point that I was going to have to order a chair and would not be able to just go out and pick one up. The higher end office furniture stores had what I wanted at a really high price point (over $5,000) but another store quoted me only $3,700 for a custom designed chair with all the features and the colour I wanted. Wow! I thought my chair hunting days were over.


The sales clerk put the order into the computer and then said that someone would call me the next Monday or Tuesday (I’d come on a Friday afternoon) to double confirm my order, email me a photo of a sample of the fabric, and also have me pay half so they could start the manufacturing process. It would then take two to four weeks to manufacture the chair.

By Wednesday, I hadn’t heard back so I returned to the store. The clerk tried to reach the other clerk but he wasn’t there. She promised that she’d keep trying. By Friday (one week in), I still hadn’t heard and I happened to be by the store so I went in again. She again said that she’d try the other clerk first thing Monday morning.

The following week, I didn’t hear from the other clerk on Monday. I called the store back on Tuesday and the lady said she would call him right away and have him call me back. Still nothing.

Thursday night, I found a new item on Office Depot’s website, a chair with injectable foam arm rests and seat! It was only $2,900, in stock online, and with delivery promised the next business day for orders placed early in the day. I slept on it and Friday morning, I ordered it with delivery promised for Monday.

Two hours later, the guy from the other store finally called me (!). I told him that I’d expected to have my chair by this point, or be no more than two weeks from it. But with the delay, I was now at two to four more weeks of waiting while Staples would have a chair to me Monday. So thanks, but not thanks.

I waited all day Monday (yesterday) and my chair never showed up. I contacted Office Depot twice. The first time, they confirmed that my order went out and that their records showed it would arrive by 6PM. The second chat, after 6PM, said that there must have been a problem with the delivery, but they would not be able to give me a new delivery date until this morning. I was crushed.

This morning, I contacted Office Depot around 8:30. They said that my chair was definitely on its way and would arrive by 6PM. I said that that’s what I was told on Monday and it didn’t show up. So what would be my recourses if it happened again? They could not do anything until the close of the Tuesday delivery window.

Mercifully, an Office Depot truck pulled up in front of my house at 9:30!!! It was too late to go to my Tuesday morning social time, but I’d resigned myself to missing it.

As expected, the chair did not come assembled. I’d been hoping it would, but getting this tiny box was not a surprise.

I carefully unpacked and discovered that the cahir came with six screws that needed an Allen wrench. None of my Allen wrenches would fit (probably a metric/imperial thing). I was devastated. Until I found this in another package!

I believe you can tell the quality of assemble-it-yourself furniture based on how easy it is to assemble it yourself. I was shocked by how easy this chair was to put together and I had no problems even without a helper.

Mis nalgas are happy. My eyes not so much, as they really wanted that pretty custom purple chair. But the store did not do anything to inspire confidence that I would have my order within the four-week timeline from the time the order was actually taken. So am choosing to be satisfied with what I have. Except…

Of course, now I’m not happy with my desk. 🙂 I’m sitting at the part with the keyboard tray that pulls out and that’s way too low. It was fine with the other chair because of the low arms, but it’s not with this new  chair. So I’m going to do some desk rearranging tomorrow and see if I can be happy working with my back to the exterior door. My office has a really, really awkward layout and it’s hard to figure out the best place to put a desk. So if I can’t make the one I have now work for me, I’ll probably move to a nice large wooden table as that won’t set me back much, even if I have to have it custom made, and it will be more versatile. Hard to believe I’be been in the house as long as I have and I still don’t have my office set up “just so” yet! I really miss my office in Miranda.

So that’s been the latest excitement and Spanish practice here. Now, back to work as I have the transcript for a very long hearing due tomorrow and now, I can work at it without my posterior screaming in agony! 😀