Welcome Deliveries

Ever since I rented the house, I’ve dreamed of getting some real storage into the master closet-room. Who knew an affordable dresser would be so hard to find?! Anything at a price that I would have expected to pay (less than $1,000) was in terrible shape and with a mildewed smell. New built to measure by a local carpenter was affordable, but only with inexpensive wood, like pine, that would attract termites. Every few months, I would take up the hunt. I wanted three or four big drawers and two little drawers in solid wood, no mildew smell, and to pay less than $2,000. Why was this so hard? The plethora of similar want ads on various garage sale sites and FB pages belonging to used furniture stores made it clear that I was looking for something in short supply.

Yesterday, IT finally showed up on Facebook Marketplace. I promptly messaged to ask if it was available and if so, if they could deliver. Yes, and yes, but delivery was an extra $100. Before I could say that was fine, they added, “It’ll cost you that much to come get it.” “Not a problem,” I replied. “I need help to get it in the house!” We made arrangements for delivery yesterday evening, but I got a message a bit past the delivery window asking if we could reschedule to this morning since Google got them lost on the way to their other two deliveries (LOL).

I told them they could deliver any time after 9:00 this morning and at 9:30, they showed up! I asked to have the dresser brought all the way upstairs and what work that was — it’s heavy. When we got to the master bedroom, the man said, “Ah, made it!” I was sorry to disappoint him, but I knew I couldn’t move it myself. “No, it needs to go into the closet.” He and his helper picked it up again, shuffled to the closet, and then he said, “That’s not a closet! It’s a whole other room!”

Hence the name master closet-room. 🙂 So here it is!

It has a fabulous paint job! I can totally live with the chocolate brown and I love the pulls on it (click on the picture to embiggen and see details). I’m not working tomorrow, so I’ll spend some time lining the drawers and sorting out all my clothes. 🙂 Like with the dressing table in the bathroom, I’ll put bars of lavender soap in each drawer to keep my clothes smelling nice.

The day’s excitement was not over.

Just past noon, I got a call from Mailboxes Etc. informing me that my package with the passports and my birth certificate had arrived!!!! They close at 1:00 and said that if I was on my way, someone would hang out and wait for me. But traffic is light on Saturdays and I had the truck parked on the street, so I was there and back home in about 25 minutes! The relief I feel now is immeasurable. I was thrilled that Passport Canada elected to give me the full 10 years on the replacement when I’d heard many stories of them only giving the time left (8 years on the damaged one). So that was probably another apology on their part.

I’ve got one more delivery incoming, hopefully Monday — a new computer chair!

Next project: let’s see about getting a Yucatán driver’s license!