Sweets and Water

My neighbour Mrs. H just brought me this awesome departure gift:

From left to right: chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake (I think), raisin bran muffins, banana bread, and sugar cookies with sprinkles. Yuuuum! The expectation is that I throw everything in the freezer and ration it out until I get to Dawson. Let’s see if I achieve this. 😀

As for water, I don’t like to drink from my fresh water tank, so the only way to bring the Campbell River water with me was to put it in jugs. I bought a fresh water jug when I hit the road and it just hasn’t worked out since the water starts to taste plasticky very quickly. Moreover, I lost the lid the last time I was at the Chasm. I decided to just chuck it and see if Canadian Tire might have some collapsible water jugs. They did, and they’re BPA free to boot!

I didn’t intend to buy two colours; I simply didn’t notice that there was a choice. They fold up beautifully and have a lifetime guarantee that they will not split or leak under normal usage.

Here they are filled:

They can be laid on their side on a counter for easy pouring since the spout has an open and shut valve.