A Vancouver Island Winter

I will always be grateful to Croft and Norma for making my winter on Vancouver Island, and especially the renovations, possible!

It was incredible to step out the door in the morning and be hit with the smell of the sea, and I never tired of watching the waves come crashing onto the shore during stormy weather. I might have bitched and moaned about the rain, but that’s what we Canadians do; we’re never happy with the weather. 🙂 I enjoyed staying at a house, with access to a bathtub and a washing machine I didn’t have to share with a park full of people.

So many small miracles happened this winter–Miranda’s complete transformation, my unfathomably cheap weekend in Tofino, discovering Victoria with a local, making a true friend out of the last person I would have imagined getting close to, and surviving nearly six months at the gas station–that it’s now obvious why the six months flew by: they were FULL!

There’s just one more thing I want to say tonight, even if it’ll surely get me into trouble: happy 65th birthday, Croft! 😀