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I receive all comments by email, regardless of how old the post is. If you haven’t commented here before, the comment needs to be approved before appearing, so give me a day to do that. I am usually very quick to reply to comments.


I like to micro blog throughout my day. This is where you’ll find brief and often humourous slices of daily life. Comment and I’ll reply promptly.


rae AT uskeba DOT ca

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  1. Would like to follow your blog via email, but can’t see where/how to sign up to do so. We hope to get over to England with our campervan within a year or two. Also, do you care to share what house sitting resources you use? Thanks.

  2. Hello Rae
    Donna here from PEI.
    I have been following you for a long, (silent ) time except once when I emailed you….but didnt hear back 😱
    So here I go again.
    I see from your blog you are a Boondockers Welcome supporter.
    I am too.
    Under ” Donna R ” in PEI.
    So you can check us out!
    We have just booked (for the first time) AND under the influence of your blog, a trip this Dec. to Cancun to start our own exploratory first trip to Mexico.

    Is there any way I can use my affiliation with Boondockers to briefly meet up with you in Merida and /or get some info via email on a very reasonable place to stay while we are there in Merida??
    We are simple folk who mainly like “clean” and ability to self cook, but now wonder if being there over Xmas may pose some accommodation challenges . Lance speaks some Spanish but I am language stupid.
    We could bring some east coast goodies.😃 if you are interested.
    Any bit of info you would be kind enough to give would be greatly, happily appreciated.
    So excited to finally have my chance to see the country I have been dreaming about for many years.
    Have loved reading about all your many countries and many adventures and wish I had done so myself years ago.

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  4. Hi Rae
    I’ve been following you forever, way back to your RV days. Really enjoy keeping up with your adventures!
    I seem to recall, back in the RV days, you said how you cleaned your RV sink and how you then kept it clean. I’ve been searching your site but can’t find it now.
    If it is still available, could you send me a link or even just the approximate date you posted it?
    Thanks so much!!

    • I doubt this was me. The sink in my RV kitchen was stainless steel. I did have a plastic sink in the bathroom, but I don’t remember doing a post about cleaning it. I’m wondering if you’re not confounding my different lives since I did do a post about refreshing the stainless steel sink in my kitchen here in MĂ©rida.

  5. Hi Rae,

    I tried to comment on your potato post, but was unable to figure out how. Are you still accepting comments? I read your blog a long while back, and then stopped. I was going over links to my own blog, and noticed yours at the top of the list. So I thought I’d have a look to see if you were still writing. Indeed you are!

    Anyway, it’d be nice to be able to leave comments on the posts.


    Kim G
    Roma Sur, CDMX
    Where I write

    P.S. Even though your blog is a WordPress blog, it doesn’t seem to recognize me as logged into WP. Hmmmmm…..

    • Thanks for reaching out. I turned comments off aeons ago.

      (This is a blog. is a separate entity.)

  6. Hi Rae,
    I used to get an email (I think) every time you posted.
    Then is Sept ?? sometime it dropped and I thought you quit blogging.
    How do I get back on your list ?

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