Getting Ready to Go

Today is my last full day in Campbell River. I was up at 9 this morning and loaded up the car with everything that needed to go to the dump. Croft went with me and showed me how it’s done. The tipping rate was very reasonable, $4. I then ran a few errands and came back home to run some bleach through my fresh water system and then fill up the water tank.

While I was doing that, I set up the trickle charger on the truck battery so it’ll be fresh for tomorrow. I then loaded up the car with the bicycle and auxiliary propane tank. I want to run another dishwasher load, so I haven’t put away the water and sewer hoses yet. Once that’s done, the outside stuff will be finished except for having to pack up the levelers.

Now comes the fun part, relearning how to pack the inside.  There aren’t nearly as many places as there used to be to just wedge stuff. That’s how I used to pack the study, by tipping the chair onto its side and turning it just so between the desk and the storage chest. It’d then be wedged so tightly that I could trust it to hold the iMac box in place.

Getting out of this spot is going to require a lot of sharp manoeuvres so I should know even before pulling out if everything is secure or not. If I can get out of here with a minimum of fuss, the rest of the drive to Dawson will be very easy. 😀