Last Shift!

I’m just about to head out to do my last shift at the gas station!

I’ve been on an earlier schedule since I got back to Victoria and thus have been getting a lot done in the mornings. My big contract has had extra hours for the past couple of weeks and I’ve been doing two to three hours of work first thing in the morning before going to do my gas station shifts. After doing some work today, I went outside to finish tidying up the workshop and start putting things away in my exterior storage compartments. The tools and related items are a disaster, but at least they are all corralled into one bin.

Someone finally came to pick up the bucket chairs today after weeks of chasing him, so tomorrow I can do a dump run in one shot. I have two mattresses, wood, and the wardrobe doors that need to go; I should be able to strap everything to the roof rack. After that, I’ll run a few errands and then spend the rest of the day prepping the inside and make sure that my laptop is synched to my desktop so that I can continue to work without interruption.

I’ve been getting weather reports from the Mainland to Dawson and everywhere has better weather than here so it’s time to go!