Wow, Bell Has Hired a Helpful Customer Service Rep!

I just got off the phone with, or, rather, my connection was disconnected from, Bell Mobility. I got a very helpful person who agreed that I should have coverage and was sad to inform me that there were no plans for more towers in the area. That said, we should have coverage but don’t because of topography, so the info is being sent to the technical team to see if a tower could be added in the valley to make the coverage map match with reality.

When the original Mifi came out, you could not get a booster for them. That is no longer the case with the Mifi 2! The thing is that an antenna is booster, not a signal creator. If you have zero bars, a booster isn’t going to help. Croft commented that I should try to get my device on the roof and see if that changes anything. I had the same thought last night! I’m heading home shortly and will get on the roof before I go back to work.