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I’m firmly entrenched in my three-times-a-week Pilates routine and then stopping at a coffeeshop afterwards. This coffeeshop, Ritrovo, was a badly needed addition to my neighbourhood. It’s just a titch too far from home to be super convenient, but it is on the route home from Pilates, so a huge improvement to my quality of life here. Before, my only options for coffee were Italian Coffeeshop (a very expensive and not very good chain) just north of me on Calle 60, or a bakery in Campestre with overpriced bad coffee. Ritrovo is located in Colonia Malaga at the corner of Calle 60 and Rogers Hall, a very convenient and central location.

Ritrovo means “hang out” in Italian. Why an Italian name? The coffeeshop is owned and operated by two sisters who married Italians! So you know the coffee has to be good!

I usually only get a black iced Americano, but sometimes indulge in a brownie or a garlic and cheese knot. Today, I was invited to try out some items from the new menu, all at no charge! Of course, I’ve been sharing this on all my social media.

For my main, I had a choice of French toast or molletes, beans and cheese on toast. Of course, I picked the latter. I was not expecting anything so fancy! They used a brioche bread and topped the beans and cheese with salsa verde, crema, and pico de gallo. Absolutely stunning. Pretty much a perfect breakfast for me.

In addition to my coffee, I was offered a “tisana,” an herbal tea, but theirs are complex combinations. Mine was cherry with a bunch of other yummy things in it. I drink these without sugar, so they are a guilt-free treat and what I used to get after Pilates when I went in the evenings.

And then I was offered dessert! Really, this was way too much after the molletes, but I could not refuse. I believe it was the same bread as the molletes, but in a cinnamon caramel sauce, then topped with fruits and a homemade berry sauce. The whipped cream had lime zest in it. Super indulgent, but not nearly as sweet as it looks!

If you are in Mérida and want to get away from the tourist zone, you’d do well to visit Ritrovo.