What Does a Plot of Land Mean?

I don’t consider my real estate purchase official until the money has been handed over and the papers signed, but the real estate agent says that the owners have done their bit and the money is out of my bank account. So I feel like what I imagine being pregnant must feel like. There’s no baby yet and there’s a chance of something horrible going wrong, but the odds are favourable that the plan will come to fruition.

So what will it mean for me to be a landowner? I have to pause here and quote a line from one of my favourite movies: This land is mine! Mine by destiny!

Ahem. Forgive me. 🙂

To be truthful, I don’t know yet what this plot of land is going to mean for me. I have a vision of spending at least the first part of next summer on it provided that I can actually get the RV onto the plot. I remember that the unserviced lots would have required a culvert being installed, but I can barely remember anything about the serviced lot, so certain was I that my ludicrous offer would be refused. I’ll be able to confirm that tomorrow, when I will be taking pictures!

This lot is everything I would have dreamed my RV pad would be several years down the road, if ever, in that it already has sewer, water, and power on it and it is landscaped with trees. The unserviced lots were just prairie. Now, we all know how much I love the prairie landscape, but I like the idea of a few trees as a windbreak and for privacy.


Taxes on my lot, as long as there is no building on it, is $25 per year. And I know you are all dying to know how much I paid and I am actually going to tell you! But you have to guess first! Go on, have at it in the comments and I will let you know there.

My only real concern at this point is internet access as there is no cell service out there. I’ll figure that out next year; there does appear to be hardwired internet available, so that could be an option. And even though it is serviced, I have no idea if there is actually an electrical outlet and a tap on site that I could use until I build a proper RV pedestal. All those questions should be answered tomorrow. Let’s say those things do exist, then the first priority next summer would be to bring in gravel to make the RV pad itself. But it’s way too soon to make any plans.

Note to self: as the real estate agent if it’s going to be a problem to let the grass grow all summer. Oh, the things I have to worry about now. 🙂

I’m just about out of battery juice, but I will say that the plan at this point is to get this all buttoned up first thing in the morning then get myself down to the Estevan Walmart so that I can cross to the US first thing Thursday. We’re supposed to get sun tomorrow, which should buy me some time on my batteries, but I need to get plugged in. I had originally planned to spend a night in Minot and then move to the only RV park I found open in the wintertime, but if I get across quickly, I will be tempted to haul ass all the way to that RV park Thursday night. All that to say, don’t expect pictures till tomorrow evening!

10 thoughts on “What Does a Plot of Land Mean?

  1. Congratulations! Seeing that the Realtor has a vested interest in keeping all parties happy, perhaps she might be prevailed upon to provide access to little electrical outlet by her house. You could use a tiny bit of creature comfort tonight!

  2. WBC, I’m nowhere near her house. 🙂 The nights are actually fine. The loft is well insulated and I heat it with the electric blanket, then pile on the bedding. It’s the hours before bed that are the worst! Anyway, the sky has finally cleared, so I should have enough power to run the furnace on low again tonight. I was starting to fear that I wasn’t going to be able to do so.

  3. It seems that Tioga George is in the process of looking for a plot of land in Mexico as we speak! Great minds and all that…

  4. For you, that little plot of land means FREEDOM! For us, it would be an anchor but an anchor is apparently what you need to keep the border guards happy so I’m glad you found a good one.

  5. Congrats! You are a land owner! Good luck! Seriously cheap taxes! How on earth can it be the price of a dinner?

  6. Linda, I really don’t see this as an anchor since it’s just land, nothing to maintain.

    Gina, check out the comments in the One Thing I Forgot to Mention post to see why the taxes are so low. 🙂

  7. Kathe, the answer is in the comments to the next post, but I declare you the winner! The sellers wanted $5,000, but I paid $3,500!

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