Well, That Was Unexpected

I just got in from the staff holiday party put on by the company for which I’m working this winter. This was quite a treat. I did get a dinner out from the crazies at the RV park in Oliver (which was rather shocking), but otherwise this is my first staff party since the 2003 holiday season. Oh, we got a staff party when I worked the government, but we had to pay to attend, so it doesn’t count.

We had the party at the Regent Restaurant, here in Lethbridge. They serve Canadian-Chinese food. The owners ordered a variety of dishes and we ate family style. It was very good! There were a few chicken dishes, some beef, assorted vegetables, noodles, and rice. Chinese food is at the bottom of the list of cuisines I’d go out for, but I don’t hate it, I just find that it tastes like junk food. This stuff didn’t. If someone was to ask me to recommend a Chinese restaurant in Lethbridge, I’d say I’ve only been to the Regent and I can recommend it.

Everyone was given an envelope and I didn’t think much of it, assuming it’d be a thank you/happy holiday card. I opened it in the car and, sure, enough, that was it. But there was something else in the envelope, too, something that shocked me so much it took five minutes for me to recover enough to be able to drive. I’ll just say it was the most generous bonus cheque I’ve ever been given and I was able to order myself an iPad when I got home.

I’m off to stare at my Amazon order confirmation for a while. I don’t expect delivery until the New Year, but it’s on its way. Amazing.

13 thoughts on “Well, That Was Unexpected

  1. How VERY exciting to get a bonus check, especially in this economy. You have very generous employers – that iPad will be so nice. I can’t justify getting one, but with a bonus check I sure could!

  2. You go, girl! We all knew you were doing a great job even if you can’t give us details. This is proof we were right.

  3. Thank you! I’m feeling very grateful!

    I’ve been saving up my Amazon gift cards, thinking I’d get one in the spring. My balance plus bonus would have covered a 32GB iPad plus the case, but I couldn’t find a seller who would ship to Canada, so I had to go with a 64GB model (boo hoo *g*). So I do have some out of pocket cost, but it’s not much. I usually spend my bonuses on necessities, but this one was too generous to just be absorbed into the budget.

  4. Linda, this is one job where I know I can toot my own horn. Both my employers and my tenants love me. Heck, even the tenants whom I ream out say I’m great to deal with and someone even thanked me for evicting her so nicely. 😀

  5. Congrat on such a nice bonus, ummm I got a free Subway sandwich today at work … I think that pretty much is my bonus! Lucky Dog!
    I am glad you are getting your Ipad pretty sweet! Merry Christmas Indeed!

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  7. Gina, LOL. Until now, I thought that the odd cup of coffee from my boss was going to be my biggest perk of working here. 🙂

    Becky, I was once given a turkey as a Christmas bonus. I lived alone and was a vegetarian. I said thank you and promptly donated it to the homeless shelter. 🙂

    Joni, thank you!

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