Water Day Is Always Exciting

Looks like the RM maintenance man saw I was home and turned on the water for me! He did that last year, so I checked the hydrant yesterday afternoon and this afternoon in case he did it again. Tonight, I hit the jackpot. Woohoo!

I made a rookie mistake while dewinterizing — I hooked up my hose to the RV without filling it with water first. That meant I got tons of air in my lines, which took forever to bleed. Otherwise, the water tank and heater filling was uneventful. Once both were full, I tested my system for leaks.

The tap in the dressing room is dripping, something I’ve avoided dealing with for a while because I don’t have room to work. It’s always corrected itself, so I hope that will happen again… This leak may explain why I have heaps of pressure in the dressing room and almost none in the kitchen. I haven’t found a leak in the lines, so I’m sure it’s that or that there’s still water in the lines leading to the kitchen. Usage will tell. At least, the shower appears to have good pressure!

Then came the fun part — lighting the water heater. Forget doing so from inside. I went out to the control panel and manually forced ignition. I actually got it to light in two tries, but it wouldn’t stay lit. I made some adjustments to the heat probe spacing and after a few more ignition attempts and corrections, I finally got the thing lit for real! Wow. That water heater is exhausting. The one on Isla wasn’t much more reliable, but being on a manual pilot system, I just had to turn on the gas every afternoon and apply a flame to it to ensure I had hot water for a shower. With Miranda’s decrepit water heater, I never know if I’ll be able to ignite the stupid thing from day to day.

I appreciate the irony that I got my water system going right after doing a huge mountain of dishes by hand, including hauling water and heating it on the stove!

8 thoughts on “Water Day Is Always Exciting

    • So did my mother. They obviously never drove 4,000KM with most of their kitchen stuff in their truck. Even with everything in Rubbermaid totes, there was a fine layer of dust on the contents. Had to rewash it all before putting it away.

      Then, I made a soup that used up several bowls and utensils for prep, creating another mountain.

      Unless I’m on a cooking spree, I only do my dishes once a day. Waste of water otherwise.

  1. We only do dishes once a day as well and we’re in sticks and bricks. I do have a dishwasher but don’t wash my pots and pans and some other stuff in it.

  2. I thought since you discovered Dawn works in cold water you were washing dishes in cold water. So, is the heated water just for rinsing? Or…?

    • I’m definitely not a cold water dishwashing convert! I’m okay with doing it if that’s what’s convenient, but I prefer to wash in hot water if I have easy access to it. I also I like a near boiling rinse for sterilisation, especially if I was working with raw meat.

  3. once a day dish washing? Oh heck no! I easily go 5-7 days putting my rinsed/wiped dishes in the side of the sink with a cover. Then when I wash I can do a proper job and really saves tons of water, not to mention time

    • Yay, another person who knows the world won’t end if dishes get left in the sink. For me, it really depends. If I’m cooking every day, then I really need to do the dishes once a day because the pots add up and I’ve got a tiny kitchen. But if I’m doing a lot of leftovers or just sandwiches or whatever, I can let it go till I run out of utensils.

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