Unpacking Is a Chore

I awoke to sunshine at 6:15 this morning. I really don’t remember mornings here been so bright! I thought I might be able to go back to sleep, but was not able to. I read for a bit until the call of breakfast was too loud to ignore. Interestingly enough, I’d been up over an hour and awake for nearly two before I even thought of having coffee!

After a lazy couple of hours doing a more thorough sort of the mail, I finally dressed and started to bring things in from the truck, unpacking as I went along. I never think that I picked up much extra stuff during my travels until I found myself at a loss as to where to put everything when I get home! But I finally got things under control (nowhere near done) and was able to head to town to get groceries.

The road out to highway 2 was the best I can ever remember it being, with only one or two serious potholes, so the drive went quickly. My first stop was the carwash to fill one of my five gallon jugs with potable water. Thankfully C&C had warned me that there is no water filling at the grocery store right now since the renovations are still ongoing and that the carwash was the place to go. I was not impressed with the carwash station since it does not fill the jugs completely.

I ran a couple more errands and then went into the grocery store. It was a mess. I’m disappointed that so far all the upgrades are cosmetic. There sure isn’t any extra space! Prices were dire, but I shopped the sales and actually had something to show for my $125 (including quite a bit of meat). Kale was on sale, so I’ll be having quite a lot of that in the next week!

Back home, I was able to put together a nice lunch even with the kitchen being only half unpacked, then I headed to C&C’s to get non-potable water for doing dishes and washing myself. Charles was on his way over to my place to level Miranda, so he helped me with the water and then we headed back to Haven with Brutus in tow (he’s so shaggy he looks like a bear!).

It took quite a bit of doing, including two trips back to his house by Charles for different jacks and some tool fetching on my part, for Charles to get Miranda level for me. Even though the gravel is hard packed now, he could only lift Miranda so high before the jack would sink into the ground. He finally got her up using two jacks. She’ll stay on them for the time being, with a large log under the frame also holding some of the weight, but Charles intends to get a different type of jack and some blocks to do a more permanent job. Miranda has been unlevel for so long that it feels strange to have her level! When I moved her last year, I should have brought her west a little bit and out of the dip her left driver’s side tire is in. Live and learn…

After he was done, he graciously helped me get my swing out of the shed and set up. The weather is so unseasonably warm that I know I’ll use it all of this month as well as through June and so it’s worth setting up. Then, I offered him one of my last two Pacificos!

The beer pretty much knocked me flat, so I spent quite a bit of time in the swing, enjoying my view and the fact that I have internet in the yard now!

Then, it was time to deal with the kitchen so I could make dinner. I’m nowhere near done, but I was able to make brown rice, caramalised onions and Brussels sprouts, chicken, and gravy — even if I had about as much energy as it takes to open up a tin of beans and eat them cold! 😀 But the effort was worth it! Fortified by my yummy dinner, I did a clothes putting away blitz and then set up my office since I have a medium-sized job due Monday night that I’m hoping to start on tomorrow.

As promised yesterday, here are some pictures of the door damage. It’s hard to see because of the black on black. Charles is certain the damage was not there when he came by on the 27th and so this would mean the attempted break-in occurred while the neighbour is out on bail…

In this picture, you can see the gap between the door and the frame, as well as scratches and the torn rubber gasket. The door is bulging outwards.


The door bulge is more visible in this one. The scratches betray the amount of effort made to get in. I’m happy to know my deadbolt and frame are that good!


And here’s the damage to the frame:


Finally, all the nasty haze during the day is so worth it in the evening…


20 thoughts on “Unpacking Is a Chore

  1. Your dinner sounds fantastic! I know what you can fix on your next visit 😉 .
    It’s good to be home, uh?
    See you weren’t off your rocker after all 😉 , Miranda was just leaning a bit.
    Aaahh… 😀

    • I have to cook for you next time?! 😉

      Yes, very good to be home! 🙂

      “See you weren’t off your rocker after all”

      *falls to the floor holding her ribs*

    • Thanks, me too! I’m just glad she didn’t take any bolt cutters to my outbuilding locks!

  2. That’s amazing the door took that much damage and they didn’t get it open. It’s good to have good neighbors and friends nearby. Did Charles suggest anything as far as repairing the door?

    • Steve, I have to wonder what she used to try to get in as that would tell me just how good my door really is! Charles agrees with my thought of laying a piece of wood against the bulge to disperse the force and then trying to hammer the bulge back down. But first, I am to consult with one of our neighbours who is a metal worker.

  3. She!

    Glad the damage was not so bad, it could have been a lot worse. I’m sure that you are happy to be level. I never noticed it last year when I was inside.

    Happy unpacking, won’t be long before you start packing again 🙂

    • When you came in last year, I was pretty level because I’d moved Miranda upon arriving. By the end of the summer, the listing was bad!

      Packing and unpacking has been my life for 30 years now (I had to pack to go to my dad’s every other weekend and unpack when I got back). I’d feel loss doing anything else! 😀

  4. Does the door work as is? I mean, does it shut, lock and open easily? Does wind come in the gap? You might want to leave it alone unless there is a problem. The door on our ’94 Tioga did not fit well and was easy to open but hard to close and required slamming. It also came open a couple of times while we were traveling. That was exciting.

    • Yes, it works okay, but key turning is a bit stiff. The reason I want to fix it is that the gap looks like an invitation for someone to come with a better crow bar and finish the job. The door sounds a lot like your old Tioga door — I have to shut it pretty hard since it’s not square. I’ve never had the MH door open while traveling, but it has happened when I was stopped!

      • I am just concerned that your efforts might make it worse. Wood doors are so much easier to work with. Taking the door off and supporting the top and bottom with 2X4’s while you stand on it might get rid of the bulge. Careful though and use a straightedge to check your progress.

        • That’s why I’m not touching it until I talk to my neighbour who works with metal. I wouldn’t be surprised if he offers to take the door off and fix it properly. We shall see. I know he’s been ill, so he might not be taking projects.

  5. Nice of the sun to turn the haze beautiful.

    I have no suggestions about the door because your solutions tend to be much better than mine anyway. 🙂

    • Yes, and she’s out. Living two doors down from me. Our justice system is an absolute joke.

  6. Thought last year (year before?) when you bought the swing that a great picture for your header would be one of you on it. The one on horseback is a great one but doesn’t seem appropriate when you’re in Canada. Just a thought!

    • Hmm, that’s a thought. Will have to set up the tripod. Thanks for the suggestion! I just love the one of me on the horse, though. 😀

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