Unexpectedly Thoughtful Customer Service

I had a postcard to mail this week and also something my host wanted me to send, so I had “go to the post office at some point this week” on my calendar. As it turned out, I had no work worth mentioning today and it was a super lovely day (HOT (and sunny) for the first time since I got here!). So I headed out to La Cañada around noon. I’d previously found the post office, so it was easy to get there.

The clerk got my host’s letter sorted out very quickly, but my postcard caused a flurry of activity and exchanges too quick for me to understand at first. But I finally got this:

Man: You have the right postage!

Woman: But I want a real stamp so her friend can see what a Spanish stamp is like!

Like in Canada and the US, the Spanish postal service can print out a postage label. But my clerk didn’t want to do that and anticipated, correctly, that my friend would be disappointed not to get a proper stamp (since she collects them). That little bit of thoughtfulness made my day!

I didn’t have anything else to do while I was in La Cañada, so I headed home, but stopped at a café a block away from the post office to enjoy a coffee out in the sunshine. I got a very weird look when I said I didn’t want either sugar or sweetener and the guy actually asked me after my first sip if it was okay! Yes, of course. 🙂

I have to say that the weather here has been, for the most part, pretty dismal and disappointing, but, reading other blogs, it sounds like not even Isla has been immune to this wave of disagreeable colder than normal weather (although Yukon appears to be bucking the trend!). Yesterday was good preparation for a January in England, which makes today all the more wonderful!

6 thoughts on “Unexpectedly Thoughtful Customer Service

    • Yes, you’re included in the “other blogs” sentence. 😉 But, really, the southern US has experienced a string of bad winters…

  1. Hey Rae!
    Winter finally hit Haven! The snow started Sunday afternoon and finally let up this morning. The winds have been howling madly, snow drifts everywhere. Last night was the coldest so far -18C this morning. Yes, we love our wood stove! Baking bread today. Thought of you last week when I made Coq au Vin for dinner guests. Made with pheasant! All reports were “Yummy”.

    • Hi you two! I think of you both so much! Wish we could Skype. 🙁 Thanks for the update! I’ve never had pheasant, but dang that sounds good!

      • Hey Rae!
        KC, Tommy & Brutus are all curled up by the fire. Its nasty cold here! But the sun is shinning! It was -22C when I walked Brutus this morning. We only went part of the way around the block. Tom has become a major “momma suck”. KC is KC 🙂 Down-right evil! There will always be a cat here for you to cuddle!

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