Trying Out the Local Laundromat

Dirty laundry reached critical mass today. Unlike my friend Croft, I like to wear clothes, so I decided to deal with the huge mountain this afternoon.

While at Walmart, I stopped at the bank in the store to try to buy a roll of quarters. In Canada, I usually get turned away if I’m not a customer of the bank, but I had no trouble here and the lady who served me was very nice.

Armed with $10 worth of quarters, I hauled my three very full garbage bags of clothes to the tiny laundromat a couple of minutes from the beach next to the saloon and gas bar.

I apologize for the quality of these pictures, I need more practice with the iPad camera. 🙂



This laundromat is a wonderful service to the community. The seven machines (four washers, three dryers) are fairly recent and the building is very clean, missing only a chair to make it a pleasant laundry cleaning environment.

It is pricy, $1.75 to wash and $1.50 to dry. But that’s better than schlepping to a laundromat in Port Lavaca and the $1.50 to dry got everything but my two heaviest skirts dry, even my towels. I hung out in the truck and the hour or so it took to get everything done passed very quickly. My $10 was just enough!

Putting away laundry now is so much more pleasant since I mastered the wardrobe and got my wonderful, still cooing over it, dresser. So I actually got the laundry put away right upon arrival instead of tripping over the basket for a few days. The bulk of it does get hung in the wardrobe and I learned early on in my  adventures to put the clothes on the hangers at the laundromat so that they magically walk their way to the wardrobe and get hung up before they wrinkle. 🙂

Now, in the words of Robin Williams, I’m huuuuuuuuuuungry, so I’m off to cook up that ham steak I got today. First time of my adult life that I make ham at home!