Trip Update

As May rolls over into June, I a lot of people are asking me if I’ve bought a plane ticket or have an itinerary yet. Nope. I’m waiting for my passport to show up before that happens.

This delay has been really good because it’s given me time to sit and think about a lot of things I just couldn’t focus on before.  I’ve learned that, really, a ticket and final itinerary are the last things I should be thinking about!

So I have not been idle. I will do individual posts about the following items when things are more set, but here’s what I’ve been working on:

  1. Reducing expenses back home while I’m gone;
  2. Finding healthcare coverage (you apparently cannot enter Bulgaria without a proof of health insurance);
  3. Ensuring that I have insurance coverage for home and my personal effects while away (I got a huge surprise that could have been disastrous);
  4. Understanding the Schengen Area rules, something that will really affect my itinerary and could mean not making Bulgaria my first stop, as well as affecting where I will spend my winter;
  5. Planning my packing list and doing a lot of online shopping;
  6. Trying to learn even a smidgen of Bulgarian and at least getting used to the sound of the language (I can say, “Beer, please” and thank you at this point because I have my priorities straight. Next up, “Where’s the bathroom?”);
  7. Making as much money before I go as I can because I’m really starting to dip into my savings! It would be really nice to not feel rushed to “land” when I get across the pond.

Passport Canada says that it takes up to 20 business days for a passport renewal to arrive. Today marked the halfway point. I will hopefully have my passport by June 14th and then plan to leave in the 10 to 14 days following that. I’ll know my passport is on its way when the credit card charge goes through so I’ve been checking my bank account daily!

This is a huge leap I’m about to take and I have to tamp down my enthusiasm and be pragmatic about it otherwise I would be able to focus on work or get a good night’s sleep! But, believe me, I’m excited!

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  1. Remember that the UEFA European soccer 2016 is on in France between June 10 and July 10 so there will be a lot of people moving about at this time of year in Europe. This may or may not work in your favour depending on where you land and transfer from!

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