Things Fall Into Place

The Motel 6 in Silver City also has a VERY comfy bed and decent coffee. I slept well and didn’t have to schlep out into the COLD for coffee. So the morning started off well and then got better.

I went to bed way to late last night as I was still searching for a place to stay in or near Truth or Consequences. I couldn’t find anything at less than 40USD a night, even for a seven-night stay, so I was looking at more than 400CAD for a week. Way too expensive!

When I was originally going to do this week in Las Cruces, I spent a lot of time on Air BNB and found nothing suitable for that city or the environs, so I put the idea of the site out of my mind. But it was the first thing I thought of this morning. And I found a whole apartment for just under 300CAD for a week…

I fired off an email to the hosts with information about myself, apologized for being so last minute, and shamelessly begged. They very quickly replied that the place will be ready for me after 5PM. Thank you!

The reviews for the place make it seem fine. I don’t think the work station will be comfortable (all I could see in pictures was a small table with folding chairs), but I’ll make it work, especially since I’ll have a kitchen!

Then, I decided to see if I could call AT&T and pay online to put money on my phone rather schlep all the way to Walmart. I couldn’t do that yesterday because I wasn’t getting good service (AT&T coverage is spotty) and calls kept dropping, then it was too late to speak to a live person when I got here. At any rate, I went through all the prompts to pay with my card, was told there was a problem, and was redirected to a live person who was very helpful. She said that I needed to register a proper US address on file and then use that as my ZIP code when paying online. I use my best friend’s address in Virginia for stuff like this (thank you!), so I was able to go through all the steps.

AT&T’s GoPhone plans have really improved in the last six months! For $45, I have unlimited talk, text, AND data. Data gets throttle back after 1.5GB, but I don’t care. I won’t have wifi in T or C, so knowing I can use my phone and not worry about my usage is fantastic.

I’ll be heading out to Gila Cave Dwellings shortly. It’s presently 47F/8C outside and I’m not too eager to get going… I may take a few minutes to pop in to say hi to a blog reader before I head out if he’s around. I’ll need about six hours door to door so I want to be on the road by no later than 11AM.

It’s such a relief to have accommodation lined up for the next week as I’m having some cash flow issues stemming from a late payment from a client combined with PayPal taking an unprecedented amount of time to transfer some funds. Nothing dire and I had budgeted for this eventuality, but I didn’t know if said budget would, in fact, cover a week-long stay. Now that accommodation is paid for a week, I’ll be able enjoy any brief snatches of free time I have in T or C while the May money starts rolling in… and while making serious in roads into June earnings. Things do have a way of falling into place for me, don’t they?!

Okay, going to brave the cold and start getting a move on my day!

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