There Are Certifiable Idiots Working at Passport Canada

So I just got a call from the consular agency in Cancún. She was laughing in a “if I don’t laugh, I’m going to cry” kind of way. Passport Canada is unable to comprehend that I am living in Mexico and have an address here while still having a residence and address in Canada and not having a set day for when I will be returning to Canada. 🙄

She told them everything we discussed — I’m here on a residency visa but haven’t give up my home in Canada and that wasn’t good enough for Passport Canada and they told her they can’t process my new passport with the information they have for me. 😡

So she was calling to ask me to give her a date for when “I plan to come back to Canada.” I replied, “My visa here expires on May 1st, 2021. So I will decide in early 2021 if I am returning to Canada or will continue to live in Mexico. I only intend to travel to Canada once or twice in that time to visit family.”

She thought that sounded good (and it is the truth!) and will call Gatineau back to see if they accept it.

I know for a fact that not everyone who works for the Canadian civil service is an idiot, but it’s really hard to remember that right now.

6 thoughts on “There Are Certifiable Idiots Working at Passport Canada

  1. As frustrating as this is for you, would you issue a passport to someone who was not residing in your country? Who was, in fact, living in another country as a temporary resident implying that person might make residency in the other country permanent? It is not unreasonable for Canada to want to know when you plan to move back there before they renew your passport. I know that’s not what you want to hear but it is reality as I see it. This is a good time of year to make a trip to Canada to renew your passport in person. Expensive? Yes. But, probably the best solution.

    • A passport is based on citizenship, not residency. You can have a passport of a country you have never even set foot in as long as you are a citizen. As a citizen of Canada, they cannot deny me a passport as I do not meet any of the following reasons for denial (listed below). What you’re saying makes no sense because I can’t even travel back to my home country without a valid passport!

      The Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship may refuse a passport to a person:
      -who is not a Canadian citizen;
      -who provides false information during the passport application process;
      -who fails to provide a duly-completed application, or the required or requested information and material;
      -who is charged in Canada with the commission of an indictable offence, or a similar offence abroad;
      -who is imprisoned or otherwise forbidden to leave Canada or, being abroad, is imprisoned or otherwise forbidden to leave that country;
      -who is subject to conditions imposed by a court that have the effect of -preventing possession of a passport;
      -who has been convicted of a passport offence under the Criminal Code or the equivalent abroad;
      -who owes money to the Crown related to repatriation to Canada or other consular financial assistance;
      -who holds a passport that has not expired or has been revoked; or
      -when reasonable grounds exist to believe that the refusal is necessary to prevent the commission of an offence in relation to sexual offences against children outside Canada.

  2. I agree with you, Rae. Linda, I’m not sure why you think that if someone has permanent residence in one country, then their country of origin would somehow be justified in denying them a passport in a petulant “Well if you’re not going to live in my country then I’m not going to give you a passport” way. The whole purpose of a passport is to leave the country, and as citizens there is no restriction on how long you can be away. There are also hundreds of thousands of permanent residents living in Canada, who hold citizenship (and therefore passports) from other countries. When their passports expire, they can renew through the consulate of their country in Canada. That is normal, legal, no cause for suspicion or raised eyebrows. I suspect there is some field in the Passport Canada software that asks for “expected date of return to Canada”, and either the person entering the data doesn’t know how to bypass that, or the IT people who wrote the software failed to make that field optional. Just give them a date, any date. It’s an estimate and they are hardly going to hold you to it. Some battles just aren’t worth fighting.

  3. My Great Grandfather left Germany and came to the US in the 1930s and when he died he was stateless because he was Jewish, so Germany took away his right to be a citizen and he didn’t live in the US long enough to become a citizen. His death certificate actually says Stateless. Hopefully the consulate staff will solve their snafu!

    • WOW!

      Right now, Passport Canada is holding hostage my passport and my birth certificate, so I don’t even know if I could even be a Mexican at this point as they are required for making a citizenship application. I may end up officially stateless as I’m ready to throw my Canadian citizenship out the window (there’s more going on behind the scenes with another agency, but I can’t talk about that)…

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