The Longest Month Ever

Yay, it was quiet last night! It’s a little cold this morning, but definitely warmer than yesterday.

I feel like April has been interminable. No matter what way I do the math, I have more month than I do money, especially with having to adjust the gas budget upwards. It’s going to cost me almost double what I had calculated to get from Dallas to Wichita (the first time in five years that my estimates are wildly off). That combined with the vet visit has made me feel like I’m swimming in a rip tide.

I don’t know how many nights I’ll be able to stay at L’s, but I won’t be able to leave the Wichita area until a couple of days into May, when some money will be coming in.

April has been really brutal. I’ve had a number of unexpected expenses that have thrown me completely off kilter even though I had low expenses in Dallas. That’s the way it’s been all winter: I started off in great shape and was able to handle the  the unexpected expenses at first, but then they snowballed into each other and have been way more than I would have estimated.

Moreover, I’m going to be going through more propane on this last leg of the journey and I won’t be able to land in Canada the way I had expected because of this interminable winter so I suspected my May expenses are going to be much higher than anticipated.

Does anyone have a money tree seed, by any chance? 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Longest Month Ever

  1. Thanks Rae for your info. My husband actually met you when you were working in Dawson City at the RV Park (2010) and have followed your blog ever since. We both love following your adventures. Also so very sorry about your recent loss. Travel safe.

    • Linda, I wish I could say I remember your husband, but without a picture, it’s hard to know for sure if I do or not (I know at least as many Bobs as I do Lindas!). Thank you for your kind wishes about Tabitha. I’m taking it one day at a time.

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