Thank Goodness for Organization

Last night reminded me of my first few days on the road and how much time it took to find space for everything. While I tried to put things away as I brought them back in, the day grew very long yesterday and I piled the last few (dozen) loads wherever there was room. I thought I had at least four or five hours of work ahead of me by the time I was done in the apartment. HA. There was nothing that hadn’t been in the rig before, so it was just a matter of remembering where each item went and I was done in under two hours, which included reorganizing a couple of cabinets. I still have a few little things to square away this morning before I take off, but I did about 95% last night before falling into a pile of exhaustion.

I’m off to do a last load of laundry, mop the apartment floor, and, eventually, hook up the car. I hope to be underway by noon.

One thought on “Thank Goodness for Organization

  1. I love how organized we are when living in an RV. But, I love organizing anything anywhere so people who know me are not surprised at how I can fit everything I need into such small spaces.

    Ah, yes, that last load of laundry. I’m going to miss having my own laundry room next winter. I’ve been planning my wardrobe to be all things that can go into one machine together since I won’t have room for more anyway. Sure makes choosing what to wear each day easier. 🙂

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