Taking It Easy

It’s quiet at Haven today. I’m just enjoying my space and taking a breather. I went to the thrift store in Willow Bunch this morning to drop off some donations and hoped to find a dresser or other item for starting on the shed organization project. But I came home with some puzzles and magazines, a sign from the universe that it’s okay to actually take a day off once in a while!

I came in and spent some time on the swing reading and then my neighbour from last night pulled up in his truck with “something for [my] gym.” It’s a Gazelle exerciser!


Before the comments start, yes, I know that the Gazelle isn’t much of a workout. But it is perfect for my off treadmill days as it will still stretch out the muscles and get me moving without there being any impact on my knees. I am very happy to give this piece of equipment a good home!

Now, to find some weights!

7 thoughts on “Taking It Easy

    • Milk jugs or whatever are okay for a while, but if you want to build a proper weight building routine, you need the real deal. You can’t grip a milk jug the right way to do every exercise.

  1. I bought a set of stretch bands with instruction on how to use them for strength training. They even pack into my carryon when flying somewhere. Can’t do that with barbells. 🙂

    • Oh NO! Those stretch band are extremely dangerous. Did you see what they did to Senator Harry Reid last New Years?

    • Not a fan of stretch bands. They don’t give me the workout I’m looking for, ie. to build real muscle tone.

    • The Gazelle is pretty much useless for a cardio vascular workout, but I like how it’s good for stretching!

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