Sushi Station, Eugene

Tonight, my hosts, Joan, and I went for dinner at Sushi Station on 5th. This is a revolving sushi place where you can sit at a bar in front of a conveyor belt and sushi comes by you on small plates. The plates are different colours, which represent the price. Half the fun is not knowing what you’re grabbing! We also ordered two à la carte items, in my case the Hawaiian roll which had tuna, salmon, mango, and masago. I also had some really good eel rolls (first time I’ve enjoyed eel), spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, salmon sashimi, and a host of other tasty unidentified morsels. Yu-um.

3 thoughts on “Sushi Station, Eugene

  1. We went for sushi the other night as well. In our case a Chinese buffet in Lakeland, FL with a sushi table! Pretty standard fare but you can’t beat the all-you-can-eat price of $12.95.

    • I find $12.95 for a meal to be very expensive in the US! Plus, ‘all you can eat’ places are rarely good value for me.

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