Sunday At the RV Owners Lifestyle Seminar

Whew, another FULL day!

I started with an informative seminar on Mexico.

Then, it was time for mine. There were so many people we were scrambling for chairs. I think it went well and I got a lot of positive feedback.

A nice couple asked me to share their light picnic for lunch so we could talk about how I support myself. I’m living out of the truck and pretty much subsisting on nuts and apples, so the veggies were a treat. Last night, I was invited by one of the organizers to share his pizza and was also handed a much appreciated beer!

The afternoon was heavy. I did drivetrain maintenance, which was all about belts and hoses and routine maintenance, etc. It went way over time and I didn’t care it was that good. The teacher knows little about RVs so he asked the audience for input about whether an RV has a whatever compared to a truck and only one person in the room interjected, especially in the bit about batteries…

Up next was RV tires, same teacher, also went over length, and also padded with info by yours truly. I felt really obnoxious but was assured that I most certainly was not as I actually knew what I was talking about and was answering questions. I can’t believe how much tech and industry knowledge I’ve picked up over the years. The format of the seminars really do open themselves to discuss, though. They’re not lectures.

We then had a gourmet buffet dinner. I was very impressed by the spread, especially the tomato salad and the apple streudel. Everyone got a door prize. I was hoping for a tube of Dicor, but got a bookmark. 🙂 I donated an ebook as a door prize.

I have one or two more seminars tomorrow and then a meeting about something I’ve been thinking if doing that could, yet again, spin my life in a different direction… Whatever time I finish, I went to get some mileage under me. Highway 3 is open, so I am heading home. Jody and Gary are going west, so our paths may intersect. I should be home late Tuesday and can’t wait to see my cat and my bed!