Staying Put: a Series on Why I’m Renewing My Lease

The entrance hasn’t changed much… but for the dog bed by the door and the dog running around!

My lease expires at the end of September. I did not want to spend the next months working double overtime to save enough to come up with deposits early “just in case” I would end up losing the summer to hunting for a suitable house for Bonita and myself. So I asked my landlady at the start of April if she and her husband would consider extending the lease another two years.

It took 24 hours for her to reply that she had spoken with her husband and, as long as I would accept a small rental increase, they were happy to renew for two more years because of how happy and fulfilled I am here, my care of the house, and the fact that I’m always punctual with the rent payments.

I felt like an enormous weight had been taken off my shoulders now that I knew I had a solid 24 months of stability ahead of me, something I haven’t experienced for more than ten years and which I feel I need at this point in my life.

I wrote a very, very long post about my reasons for choosing to stay put. And then, I realised that not only did I have enough to split the post up into a series of posts, I could use this series to address a number of topics I’ve been meaning to write about that may not be directly related to the lease renewal but which address where I am in my journey right now and how I see myself going forward. I’ve not set up a timeline for when I’ll get the following posts out nor have I decided the order in which I will post them, but these are the topics I will address regarding my decision to stay put for a few more years. As I post, I will come back here and link to the post in question.


Bonita and the House

The Location, both in Mérida and in Mexico

The Neighbourhood

Building Sustainable Habits/a New Life/a Routine



9 thoughts on “Staying Put: a Series on Why I’m Renewing My Lease

  1. It’s so good to see your posts! My husband and I enjoy them much. We go to Mazatlan every year and always take a trip to Stone Island, although this year we weren’t able to go. Any time I mention Mazatlan, your name comes to mind. We are enjoying your new adventures and long for some new ones of our own. Thanks for your great blog! Vicky

    • Thanks for your comment, Vicky. Glad to encounter someone else who has fallen under Maz — and Isla’s — charm. 🙂

  2. Good for you Rae – sure sounds like a good plan and boy the two years went by so fast for me!😊😊😊

    • It has gone by fast, hasn’t it?! It’s been 18 months in the house, two years since I first arrived in the area!

  3. Yes, settled when you need it is a good thing. I’m glad your landlady recognizes what a good tenant you are. I look forward to your additional posts.

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