Soggy Saturday

BRR. I want a refund on my summer! 🙂

I woke up very late this morning, thankfully, since I’ve been desperate for a good night’s sleep. I had a slow morning responding to a few comments and emails from ignorant people. I finally got dressed (jeans and a heavy sweater, in August!!!) and went to town.

My first stop was Western Financial to deal with my truck registration and insurance renewal. I have to make an in-person declaration about my being a snowbird while maintaining SK residency so that I can take the truck out of the province for as long as I want. SK is the only province that allows a vehicle (and driver) out of the province as long as they want and still maintain insurance coverage, one of the many reasons why I chose to move here. The computer system didn’t have Mexico as a destination and the clerk and I figured that it was likely because I’m covered by Mexican insurance there rather than SGI (SK government insurance). So she put down that I would be in various U.S. states to make sure I’m covered while transiting. Add a signature and done. So easy and efficient!

Then, I went to Trifon’s for lunch since I was seriously craving pizza. They do a 6″ pizza with two toppings and Greek salad combo for a very good price. Their pizza is rather like Pizza Hut’s and the salad is very hearty since they don’t skimp on the feta and olives. My server was attentive, making sure I never saw the bottom of my coffee cup. I took my time with lunch so that I could catch up on some online stuff.

After, I went to the Co-Op home store to pick up two more sections of pole for my booster antenna. I don’t think I’ll be able to get them both up without finding a way to guy-wire the top section, but I’m going to try anyway and see how stable (or unstable…) the setup feels. I will, of course, reinforce the bracing on the bottom sections.

I didn’t need groceries, but cheese was $4 off for the 800g packs, so I went to the food store after to pick some up. Then, it was time to make a very cold and noisy trip home since I had to open up the windows between the cab and the back of the truck so the poles would fit inside and they rattled!

The rain is clearing up, but it is much too cold and windy to go work on the antenna and booster setup today. Guess I’ll put on a movie and get started on the project first thing tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Soggy Saturday

  1. You don’t know happy that line, “I will, of course, reinforce the bracing on the bottom sections.” makes me feel! I would sure feel better if you could find some proper pipe/conduit straps but you have what you have. Make sure it is solid, it would be hard to glue the yagi back together! 😉

  2. I know you don’t trust the strapping, but it is proving to be perfect for the application. I’m getting a much tighter fit with it than with rigid straps that aren’t sized perfectly for the diameter of pipe.

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