Soapbox Travel Earring Organiser

I like to wear earrings and thanks to my winters in Mexico, I’ve accumulated quite a few pairs, none of which are valuable! I knew I didn’t want to leave without them as they would add some much needed variety to my outfits. I didn’t like any of the travel earring organisers I found online, like rolls, as they would not protect my earrings. I wanted something compact that I could throw around and not worry about, but also provide easy access to the earrings.

When I saw a soapbox at a thrift store, I had an epiphany. A standard soapbox has a small footprint and the lid fits tightly. I’d bought some thin layers of foam for another project while I was in Mexico and that seemed perfect for the inside. I pressed the bottom of the box into the foam to get its outline and then cut several layers.

I started with a bottom layer for loose items:


Bottom layer has loose items.

Then, I simply poked my earrings through a couple more layers:


First layer of earrings. There may be more on it now… 🙂


Second layer of earrings.

I protected the top layer of earrings with another layer of foam:


Piece of foam over top.

And here it is all closed up:


And the cover’s on.

I found the perfect place for my organiser to travel to use up some dead space in my suitcase. More on that later. 🙂

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    • The purple was a coincidence as it’s what I had left, but it does go with my palette. The yellow, not so much, but it’ll be easy to find. 😀

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