Shopping for Raisins

My Sunday work ended up going very quickly, so I decided to do my Monday work so that I could do my Tuesday work on Monday and possibly get Tuesday off (no, I don’t find this confusing. Do you? 😉 ). So this meant that when I woke up this morning to an email from a client with a job and a promise of a 40% bonus if I got it in by my late afternoon, I was able to take it without suddenly being overbooked. And it also meant that I was able to take on an even more rush job at even better pay… after dinner. It’s been a long evening!

This is something I learned fairly quickly in my freelance career, to get through my work queue and then go have fun so that if anything else comes in, I have time to take it. I’m definitely doing a lot less sitting around and waiting for work than I used to in that I know work is going to come in at some point. I just don’t know when exactly sometimes. So I try to cram in everything that comes in, even if it means working very long days. Then, if there’s a genuine lull, I can enjoy it. There is nothing more frustrating than having to turn down a job because I decided to stretch out over three days a job that I could have done in two so that I could take a day off in the middle.

I did take a break late morning to go down to the shop to pick up some more drinking water. Of course, I ended up picking up a few other things as well… One item that was on my list that I couldn’t find was raisins. Surely they’d have those, no? When I had everything else, I went to the till and asked the owner if she has raisins.”Of course!” she exclaimed. “I’ll show you.”

The raisins were well hidden. Her shop is quite packed!

I was really amused that instead of leaving me to examine the various packages, she felt a need to sell them to me by explaining the differences between each. Never I have more seriously shopped for raisins before! I went with the seedless sultanas. 🙂

Also, a half litre of beer was only about 0.90CAD! Cheaper than Mexico, almost as good as Bulgaria. Wow! Not so wow is that I’d just opened said beer when that rush job came in, so I wasn’t really able to enjoy it. And it could explain why my typing was rather flustered…

It feels really good to have earned solid income during my time in Spain even if it came at the cost of not so much tourism. I found that I worked hard when I was in Bulgaria, but that money wasn’t really coming in. If I can just nail down a sit between here and England, I’ll be tickety-boo till I have to start thinking about moving to Mexico. There is a possibility that I’ll have that sorted tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Shopping for Raisins

  1. When self employed one must work when it is there cuz you never know what tomorrow will or won’t bring. Sometimes we are crazy busy but it is what it is.

    • Well, I sure as ain’t going to complain about a lifestyle I chose that is letting me go to all these amazing places!

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